Who Is Destiny 2 Nimbus' Voice Actor? | Learn About the Voice Behind the Iconic Character

Are you questioning who this is Destiny 2 Nimbus synchronized audio speaker? Well, the character of Nimbus is one of the most important in Destiny 2 after the unveiling of The Shroud and also the discovery of Nominal on Neptune. So it would certainly be good to fulfill them and that pronounces them. Nimbus will certainly be just one of the very first individuals in Nominal to fulfill 2 Nightfall missions during the Destiny, so you will certainly naturally acquaint on your own with you while playing through the campaign.

Nonetheless, because they are additionally the company of Nominal from Fate 2, you will certainly visit them once again for numerous weeks and also months.

That is Fate 2 Nimbus' voice star?

The voice star from Nimbus in Destiny 2 is Marin M. Villain of non-binaries voice actors that revealed Athena in Hades and done as different characters in a variety of TV series. Athena is certainly her biggest role in a video game outside of Nimbus in Fate 2. On Twitter, Marin mentioned being filled up as Nimbus, a number that is not gender-specific.


Nimbus will probably play a major role in Fate 2 in the future, so you can anticipate your voice to listen to far more. This is the Nimbus synchronized speaker from Destiny 2. If you wish to know that else is behind the main personalities in the Nightfall campaign, take a look at our posts regarding the dubbing audio speaker of Destiny 2 The Witness as well as Destiny 2 Rohan.


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