What You Need To Know Before Attending Your Team's First Home Game This Sunday

On Sunday (kick-off 2 p.m.) the ball finally rolls once again in the prussian stadium and the eagle providers begin the remaining 15 league games. With Alemannic Aachen, the present 3rd in the table of the Regionally West, a genuine heavyweight is likewise awaiting our group. More than 10,000 viewers should for that reason make a trip to Hammer Stress and support our colors. The following fan details must be observed for the best possible procedure on the match day. The stadium gates are open in the home location at 12:30 p.m., in the guest location at 12 midday. The house location of the Block K must be kept free as a buffer block according to the upgraded security concept for so-called red games. Owner of a season ticket for this block can utilize among the surrounding standing space blocks (L, N, m or o). A box office opens for the house area if tickets are still offered. The SRM background and the primary grandstand are already sold out. There are also no more tickets for the 680 viewer. We specifically point out that the house areas are booked specifically to the Prussian fans.

The wearing of opposing fan clothing is not allowed and access is refused. At the main entrance there will likewise be tickets for the away video game the following week at the U23 of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

tense traffic situation and restrictions

The traffic scenario around the Prussian stadium is typically very tense, so of course we likewise request the earliest possible journey for Sunday, preferably by bike or bus. Lines 1, 5 and 9 hold straight at the Prussian stadium, the journey (rate level 0) is consisted of in the stadium ticket. Extra problems might trigger all visitors who originate from the surrounding location, the complete closure of the A1 in between Hiatus and Schubert. This location ought to be prevented.


Due to the terrific risk of dams on the alternative routes, either adequate time ought to be factored in or totally given with by automobile. Just a very limited variety of paid parking areas (P1 + P2) is readily available at the Prussian stadium, the parking area P4 (Ham + VIP) is closed. On the mountain Fidel, a one-way policy towards Trautttmansdorffstraße stands on the match day from 11 a.m. To monitor the security situation, the Münster cops will likewise be increasingly r are increasing in the stadium environment in the future. In the stadium environment, there will likewise be numerous promotional campaigns by the brand-new league sponsor West lotto, our partner Lee zen Heroes and the youth welfare freestyle.

Presidium introduces himself to the container

After the successful subscription evening last Wednesday, the brand-new presidium would like to imagine a larger group prior to and after the video game at the fan task container. The earnings from the beverage sales benefit the assistance club, which thus finances project-related promos in the youth field.


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