VCT Lock In: Valorant's First International FPS Tournament | Teams, Games, Tickets & More!

The first major international tournament with Valiant's franchises teams will take place from this Tuesday (13), in São Paulo. VCT LOCK // in azil will have 30 participating teams-the azilian Loud, Curia and Mir. The teams participating in the franchise are divided into three regions: Americas, EMEA and Pacific-Altem of two teams from China, invited by the developer.

Each region even has a personalized knife skin that can be purchased inside the game. In the guide below, find information about the championship, such as schedules, lines, oadcast, calendar, among others.


See below which teams will participate:


  • 100 Thieves
  • Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Curia
  • GRU
  • Leviathan
  • Loud
  • MIR
  • NRG
  • Sentinels


  • Zeta Division
  • Gen. G
  • DR
  • Paper Rex
  • Talon ESports
  • Detonation
  • T1
  • Union Team Secret
  • Global ESports


  • Vitality
  • Carmine Corp
  • BBL
  • FUT ESports
  • Giants
  • Team heretics
  • KOI
  • Navy
  • Fanatic
  • Team liquid


  • Fun plus Phoenix
  • Edward Gaming


During the regular phase of the tournament, teams will face keys with the unique elimination format it means that teams can leave the tournament after losing a single MD3 series. The teams were divided into two categories: Alpha (who play first) and omega (side that plays next). Each category has 16 participants. From the semifinals, the clashes will be in MD3 model, while the grand final will happen through an MD5.


Teams Alpha

13/02 NRG X KOI Detonation Gaming x Giants 02/14 FPX x Carmine Corp BBL ESPORTS X DR Cloud 9 x Paper Rex 02/15 Team heretics x Evil Geniuses MIR X TALON ESPORTS LED X GEN. G 02/17, 02/18, 19/02 To define

Omega Teams 02/22 Team Liquid x Team Secret Navy x GRU Zeta Division x Leviathan 23/02 Team Vitality x Global ESports FUT ESports x Rex Begum Leon 100 Thieves x Edge 24/02 Sentinels x Fanatic T1 x Curia 25/02, 26/02, 27/02 To define 03/02 and 03/03 Semifinals 04/03 Grand final


The award will be distributed as follows: 1st place: US $100 thousand 2nd place: US $60 thousand 3rd and 4th place: US $40 thousand 5th to 8th place: US $25 thousand 9th to 16th place: US $10,000 17th to 32nd place: US $5 thousand


The matches will be oadcast by Valorant official channels on Twitch and YouTube.


The developer also confronted that some selected influencers may perform Watch Parties on their channels.

Tickets can be purchased virtually through the Ticket360 website.