Unlock the Hogwarts Heritage Treasury in Lower Hogsfield: Solve the Puzzles and Get the Treasures in Hogwarts Legacy!

Treasures are simple caves in the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, where players usually have to solve puzzles to enter the dungeon and get good prey. Although in most cases, these puzzles are quite simple if you are struggling with Hogwarts heritage treasures in Ninny Hogs field, let us provide you with puzzles.

Opening of Hogwarts's vaults Heritage of Lower Hogs field

At the moment, we have discovered two storage facilities in the vicinity of the village of Lower Hogs field in Hogwarts's Heritage. At the entrance to each storage, there is a puzzle that players need to solve. As soon as the puzzle is decided, the door will open, and players will be able to enter the shelter. If you use Revelry at the entrance to the storage, you will probably ultimately find several tips on how to open the treasury storage facilities. Looking at the surroundings, you should also get some tips. However, if you just want to quickly track all this and quickly solve these specific puzzles of the Hogwarts treasures and pick up the prey inside, do not worry.

storage of the treasures of the Lower Hogs field No. 1

Exit from the south side of Hogwarts and follow the road to get to this treasure store. After reaching, players will see a symbol of a large circle and a box located on the ground. Here, players can either use Levies Vanadium to raise a box, or use a share to pull it up to themselves as soon as they find themselves on a large round pedestal. By this you will already do half of your work. As you must have noticed, there was a symbol of flame on a circle, which means that you need fire here. Just use Intended on the box that you just put on a circle to open the door. As soon as the door opens, enter the cave and continue to go forward until you reach the chest with treasures. Enemies are not waiting for you here, so you can rob.

storage of the treasures of the Lower Hogs field No. 2

As soon as you finish with the first repository, continue to go south and past the village of Lower-Hogsfield, where you met a hole and learned about Merlin's tests. You will see another storage of treasures south, as shown on the map. Having reached the place, players must use Revelry to find it. Revelry will show one of those large blocks with hooks that can be pulled out using action to the left of the entrance to the storage, hidden behind the bushes. Players here need to use a share to tighten this hook to themselves. This will open the entrance to the treasure store. Enter the cave and use Lumps to illuminate the terrain. You should see the box above the statue on the right when you enter the tomb. Raise it using Wingardium Levies or Action, and when the box approaches the ground, you will see how the floor shifts like a wave. Put the box on the ground and go to the grave.


Now pull the box to you so that it is next to the tomb, and the floor will move away from the box to show a chest with treasures.


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