The Quinfall MMORPG Unveils Its Mechanics And Content In A First Video Presentation

After being officially announced in March of Last Planned (in an extremely personal way via a first video teaser), The Goodall now reveals its content and mechanics with a little more details both in the context of a first video discussion and on A Steam page, in addition to a main site still really empty but inviting to register to follow the project. And obviously, the MMORPG of the Turkish studio Aware shows strong aspirations. Comment Discussion of the MMORPG The Quin fall

A dynamic gameplay in a big world

The Quin fall undoubtedly puts on its universe: a huge world of more than 2000 km ², both alive and dynamic. Concretely, this world guarantees numerous territories, based on seasons and climatic risks, while sheltering a fauna and flora that progress depending on the weather-animals and plants may appear and disappear according to League de Lannée, certain areas can be flooded in case of heavy rain, and so on. Very same technique with the residents of this world: they lead their lives (the artisans work during the day, but not during the night), they talk about and deliver some secrets of universe if they are listened to carefully, as a existence of tricks or hidden locations It will be necessary to discover by solving puzzles or by understanding codes. The gamer is likewise intended to be part of this world. The designer assures eleven social professions motivated by the activities in force in the Middle Ages: gamers can be a farmer and grow their harvest (depending on the seasons and if necessary by hiring agricultural laborers amongst the other gamers or NPCs), raise Animals, fishing or searching, gathering wood, minerals or herbs, practicing alchemy or cooking, and even ending up being a merchant for example.

The developer evokes merchant caravans (on back animal), maritime journeys (by producing ships) or the possibility of colonizing the world of play by putting up buildings. The most bellicose can be able to know in dungeons, face bumps or face other gamers in PVP.

Who is the Aware Technology studio?

We comprehend it, The Quin fall shows gorgeous promises that the developer intends to make with the Unity engine. And according to the Aware studio, these guarantees would even be partly emerged because the game is currently officially in the Alpha phase.


While waiting to judge on piece, we will nonetheless note that the Aware Technology studio is a young studio that has actually devoted itself to the advancement of games because 2021 thanks to advanced innovations and artificial drinking systems. In 2021, the studio therefore won the advancement of the first title development, Kara Online, obviously abandoned along the way and whose main site is no longer offered (a first unattainable site, then a second whose domain is on sale). We desire much better fortune to The Quin fall, however we might discuss the project with the circumspection of rigor while waiting to be able to concretely appreciate the reality of the job.


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