How To Reach Level 47 in OVO: A Guide for Croupiers

HVO is a dynamic browser platform game in which you play for a croupier that passes different levels, trying to overcome all obstacles on the way. If you touch something, the level is completely reset. There are levels that are more difficult to pass than others.


Level 47, in particular, is one of them. If you are interested in how to get this level, read below.

Guide for passing 47 levels in HVO

The most difficult part of the 47th level is to go through the first obstacle. After you did it, everything else is quite simple. However, there is still a place for errors and loss of all your progress at the level. So it’s better to play it safe and pay all attention to him. Here's how to do it: Jump up from the Renaissance point and to the right side wall to switch the switch open the red door. Jump on the ledge passing through the red door and a slide into the wall on the left. You will be teleported to the upper right field with an arrow leading to the left. The time of your teleport is there in such a way that you land right on a moving gasket. From there, jump on the left wall.

  • As soon as you teleport through the wall, remain left. You teleport to the lower part.
  • A heavy part is already behind. You may not rush and jump through the spiked that you are not touching anything.
  • As soon as you landed next to the caution, do not go right, but instead of entering the left portal.
  • After teleportation, continue to slide to the left to go to the final part of the level, since you just need to go through a couple of portals and go through the level. When it comes to playing HVO, time plays a key role. You need to calculate the time of your teleports during the first few portals to appear on the top of the correct platform. This is not always possible from the first pair of attempts. If you fail several times, try again. To find out more about HVO, read the section How to Pass the level 19 on HVO here in the game guidelines for professionals.


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