How To Easily Complete Bitlife's Wet N Wet Challenge: A Step-By-Step Guide

Bit life has presented several challenges since its launch that require you to assume a specific role. In particular, the last mission allows players to participate in a lifestyle with a party theme that presents a unique set of tasks and a mysterious gift. So, if you want to try the newest mission, here are how to complete the Bit life Wet N Wild challenge.

Bit life wet n wet challenge guide

Those who want to complete the Bit life Wet N Wild challenge must complete the following tasks: Born woman in Florida. Become a water slide tester for more than 20 years. Sleep with more than 20 men. Have more than 15 children. Fiesta more than 20 times after 50 years. The first step is relatively simple since all you have to do is choose feminine as its gender and choose any city in Florida, such as Orlando, Miami or Tampa, when your new life begins. After this, players can increase the age of their character to 18 years to start looking for the work of water slides, which should be available when they graduate from high school. Image source: screenshot through Candy writer If you have not appeared in the race selection, you can use the age increase mechanics again or open and close the game.


The main objective of this task is to remain in the work of a water slide tester for more than 20 years, so try to maintain its level of performance in the green zone to avoid being fired. Once his career begins, it is time to unleash his single-farewell animal side with several men and having many babies with them. You can explore the relationships to invite someone who already knows or consult the Love section to search for other romantic options, including appointments, appointment applications and connections. However, it should be noted that connections have a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases; Therefore, it is better to do things safely to complete the mission sleep with more than 20 men. Players can adopt children or acquire a sperm donor to complete part of the Wet N Wild challenge, but these actions require some money. Or, you can go out or marry someone and choose the selection to make love until you reach more than 15 children.

Of course, Bit life will need to break several hearts along the way, but that is the price that he must pay with this wild lifestyle. Keep in mind that your character will not be able to have children once menopause begins around 45 years or more. However, it is recommended to have a child at least once a year before time is exhausted. Finally, when you turn 50 in Bit life, you must celebrate with your friends often selecting the party option. Image source: screenshot through Candy writer Those who have no relationship can spend time with other people, such as co-workers, and select the Make Friend's tab to activate the party section. Then, once you take these steps, you will complete the Bit life wet N Wild challenge and receive a mysterious gift. That is enough for our guide on how to complete the Bit life Wet N Wild challenge. To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to get the topic of Golden Superstar mode. Related Posts Hell's Kitchen Challenge Bit life tutorial How to get the Golden Ball in Bit life How to get the topic of Golden Superstar mode in Bit life Bit life: How to get an arranged marriage Bit life: How to steal a bank


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