How To Add Children To Your Bitlife Family - A Step-By-Step Guide

Bit life is a text symbol that allows users to simulate and imitate real life scenarios. One of these simulation scenarios that are looking for most players is to have children in Bit life. As in real life, in order to start a virtual child in Bit life, you need to have sexual intercourse with other men or women, depending on your gender.

For the sake of leadership, we explain this from the point of view of women, since most of the tests, such as Wet N Wild, demand that the players have children as a female character.

How to get pregnant in Bit life

As mentioned earlier, you must sleep or have sexual intercourse with other men in order to get pregnant. To do this, use the actions of the interested party on the Actions tab. The interested party may be your colleague, a fellow student for college or a random person whom you met in an application for dating. During the proximity with your loved one, do not use contraceptives or condoms. The option will always appear before you have sex. So put a checkmark and do not get confused. Sometimes the other side may not be interested in proximity to you. In such scenarios, you should improve the rating/meter of relations with them. You can engage in any of the following activities to improve your relationship with any specific person. Spend time Present Compliments Conversation Ask Draw As soon as relations with this person improves, use the HOOK-UP option and get pregnant. After you get pregnant, you will give birth to a child next year.


Repeat the process again and again with the same or other person if you want to have several children.

How to adopt children in Bit life

If you are not interested in the birth of biological children, you can always adopt children using the adoption option on the action tab. Remember, adopt the child. Your bank account should have at least $50,000. Therefore, before contacting the agency, make sure that you have work with stable income. Read more about Beatlefeature, Section How to sleep with colleagues in Bit life or how to have an ideal relationship in Bit life on Pro Guides.


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