Discover What's in Store for Season 3 of Diablo 2: Resurrected - Rune Words, Modes & Terror Zone Changes

  • Lauren from other gamers or mercenaries no longer remove passive benefits that are granted by the exact same skill. The aura is no longer overwritten by flame of a mercenary, which grants resistance to fire, its own resistance to fire of a paladin.
  • This also fixes a mistake through which the Aura has overwritten the leading leadership of paladins the increased attack worth, which was approved by the ability of cutting amazons.
  • Assassin
  • The assassin's fall capacity now benefits from to opposing resistance.
  • An error was remedied through the stories that were produced by rechargeable martial arts did not take advantage of the modifiers + % for damage to primary skills.
  • Amazon
  • A mistake was repaired that did not increase the attack value of attacks.
  • A mistake was corrected through which the obstructing fire still caused 75 % of the weapon damage in spite of the balance change.
  • An error was corrected, through which + % was not utilized to attack energy.
  • The multi-shot tooltip has been changed and now shows the synergies.
  • Magician
  • Holding is now used with a 5th efficiency after a resistance has been broken.
  • A mistake was fixed through which the benefit of fire control for damage to fire abilities did not use the additional fire damage, which is enchanted by range weapons.
  • The tooltip of captivated has actually been adjusted and now describes the results of the ability much better.
  • Druid
  • An error was treated through which the skill wave of druids did not cause the desired damage.

terror zones

  • An error in connection with scared treasure classes for certain super-indigestive monsters and managers was corrected.
  • A mistake was fixed through which the quest treasure class of a nude employer was in some cases used rather of the terrorized treasure class. When using the original graphic, An error was treated through which the presently terrified zone was not marked in the menu for waypoints. When the pit was currently scared, A mistake in connection with translations that appeared.


  • An error was remedied through which the hotkeys of skills that were granted by charging a weapon in the second place of a character might not be utilized.
  • A mistake was repaired through which the ability did not work to the cube if it was assigned to the divided interaction secret.


When the hotkey was pressed to open the stock while the game was packed, A mistake was treated through which the user interface of the inventory was displayed as empty. An error was corrected through which the shared loot chest might exceed the memory limit, which implies that items in the stock or in the prey rest of players could be erased. A mistake was repaired through which the false date was displayed in the tooltip in the dropdown menu of the lobby of a season. An error was fixed through which new entries on the leaderboard might be displayed as unidentified. An error was fixed through which the settings were immediately closed when changes to the control were made. A mistake was fixed through which changes to the control were not utilized right away. When changing in between input with the keyboard and mouse and input with controller of the trouble filters in the list of PC-lobbys, An error was corrected through which. When attempting to produce an online character with a name that is already used by one of your online characters, A reasonable mistake message has been added that is shown. When developing the character, the ranking flag is now deactivated if there is no active ranking season. An error in connection with a stating by Travel was fixed in the Chinese variation. An error in connection with the Chinese version of Declared Cains remains a while and listens to.


Ranking season 3 of Diablo 2: Reanimated is understood to start on February 16, 2023 (or with us on the night of February 16-17, 2023). Once again summarized on the official website of D2R which innovations you can look forward to with the coming season, now the Blizzard developers have. Included: eight brand-new rune words and modifications to the terrorist zones.

General info on season 3 of D2R

Ranking season 3 starts in the night of February 16-17 and provides brave travelers a new way to reach level 99 at lightning speed and collect magnificent take advantage of the way. We can not expect the impact of the 8 brand-new rune words on the leaderboard. We hope that brand-new players will be offered the chance to see their name on the list for the very first time. In addition, at the beginning of ranking season, we present 3 modifications to the accessibility of magic with advancement along with on existing runes and brand-new dishes for the Horatio cubes. In the following areas you will get more information about it. Publication times of ranking season 3 in Europe: February 17, 02:00 a.m. CET As in previous seasons, 3 different modes will likewise consist of ranking season: Standard game ranking: The standard version of the ranking, which only consists of the original 4 acts. Hardcore basic video game ranking: The hardcore variation (just one life) of the ranking, which just consists of the initial 4 acts. Ranking: The typical version of the ranking, which consists of 5 acts since it consists of the material from the Lord of Destruction growth. Hardcore ranking: The hardcore variation (just 1 life) of the ranking with five files, i.e. the material from the Lord of Destruction growth.

8 brand-new rune words

The designers present 8 new rune words for the ranking and offline singing video games. With these additional rune words for Diablo II: Reanimated, the designers want to supply more variety in the competition meta and enable you to set new strategies in race 99. Most of these rune words mainly increase resistance benefits, the others focus on motion speed and constructs for assassins and druids. You can discover out more about the rune words and their effects here. Keep in mind: The seven rune words and a handful of recipes for the Horatio cubes, which were presented in ranking season 1, can now be utilized online in non-ranking modes. Also, important: opponents in all non-class play modes can now drop spells with breaking through.

Patch 2.6 for Diablo 2 Reanimated

On 15. February at 7:00 p.m. CET, alters to terrorist zones and a wide range of improvements to the video gaming experience and mistake repairs are implemented.

horror zones

The developers have made modifications to terrorist zones to make them a bit more intriguing. In addition, terrorist zones are now offered in offline games! Offline fear zones have a different schedule than their online counterparts, apart from that, they work the very same way. Bear in mind that you can now likewise get spells in offline horror zones.

enhancements in the gaming experience and resolved mistakes


  • The field % Damage Synergy for several shot (SRVDofunc 8) was delayed from Calc4 to Calc5.
  • New columns have actually been added. Designers of existing mods for offline single players can create their modifications with the new information again or include the brand-new columns manually before combining.
  • skills.txt
  • Itemuserestrict.
  • skilldesc.txt.


  • Product Pro Text.
  • Product Pro Decline Count.
  • states.txt.
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