Discover the Location of the Tokens of the Hogwarts Hotartes Hotes for the Deadalian Keys Quest | Hogwarts Heritage Common Room Investigation

If you have investigated your common room in the Hogwarts Heritage, you must have noticed a unique House chest. The chest is part of a quest called The Keys of the Dead, and to open this precious chest, tokens of the Hogwarts heritage house are required. The chest at home requires players to collect 16 tokens of houses around the world of Hogwarts's heritage. The tokens themselves can be obtained by opening the corresponding cabinets of your home throughout the region using Deadline Keys.

These magical flying keys will be explained to you as soon as you start the quest by talking with Nelly in the astronomical wing. Having reached the office of the house, you will be met by a mini-game in which you need to clap on the key. Players need to do this until the key enters the castle hole and the lock will open. When the player has all 16 tokens, he can open the chest at home to get some awards. All this, although it seems simple, it takes a lot of time, and there is also no short path. Unfortunately, we cannot make this quest easier for you, but we can definitely facilitate your work by indicating the key places for the collection of all 16 tokens of the house in the Hogwarts Heritage quest for the Keys of the Dead.

The location of the tokens of the Hogwarts Heritage Homes

You cannot use spells such as action to capture Deadline keys. Instead, you just need to find a flying key and let it bring you to the home closet, so make sure that you will not lose sight of it. As soon as the key reaches the cabinet at home, you can start a mini-game to open the cabinet and pick up the token at home. Keep in mind that some Deadline keys will require you to hack some castles, so you will need to study the Alhambra spell before starting this quest. As soon as you find all 16 tokens, they can open a chest in the common room. This will reward the players with the uniform of Relic House. Uniform will be based on the house you have chosen. Here are all the key locations of Hogwarts Legacy Deadline, where players can find 16 tokens necessary to open the chest of the house:

Dardanian key in the astronomical tower

The first Dardanian key is relatively easy to get, since the quest of the Dardanian key leads players to the place. The key is at the top of the astronomical tower. Having found the key, pursue it, and he will bring you into a secluded corner. The office will stand right there.

Deadline Key in Grand Staircase

Another DEADLIER key is located in the large staircase. Get up to a large staircase tower quickly and continue to go down. About halfway you will see the Deadline key. Continue to follow the key down to the door-heading door, and next to it there will be a closet with the tokens of the house.

Dardanian Key in the Great Hall

The third key is in the Great Hall. When you enter the hall, go left, and you will see the key. After that, chase the key, and he will transfer you to the other side of the room. There is a staircase in the room, go up until you reach the end, and there you will find the third closet.

Deadline Key in the lobby

After receiving the third key, in the Great Hall, fortunately, the fourth is located nearby. Go to the reception of the main hall and from there to a huge corridor with the coat of arms of Hogwarts. There you will see the staircase, and the key is located right at the top of this staircase. As soon as you find the key, pursue it and go outside. There you will find a huge closet. Play in a mini-game and open a cabinet for a token.

key Quad Courtyard Deadline

The next key is in the courtyard of Quad. When you go to the yard, inspect the arched entrance to Hogwarts. The key is there.


This key will lead you down. Having gone there, you will find a closet at the entrance to the castle next to the instrument barn.

Class of Protection from Dark Arts Deadline Key

Quickly go to the Tower of Protection from the Dark Arts and go down, where there is a large display with a skeleton of the rhino. As soon as you get to this place, Dalian's key will begin to fly. Follow it to the fireplace in the protection class from dark arts, and then turn left to see the closet at the end.

Dardanian Key in the Northern Hall

This key is in the North Hall. Players can enter the Northern Hall only from the courtyard of the transformation and, therefore, go to it. When you get to the hall, you will see the staircase, and the closet is located right at the foot of this staircase. Then chase the key to the top of the stairs where the cabinet is located.

dungeons Deadline Key#1

Quickly move to the room with the map, and then go to the tunnels that lead you to the Hogwarts dungeons (the same area through which you went at the end of the Gala haven). You will find the Deadline key flying in these halls before getting to the statue of a sleeping dragon. Follow the key back to the room with barrels, and you will see a closet.

dungeons Deadline Key#2

This key flies next to the statue of a sleeping dragon. Having received the key, go upstairs, and you will find a closet opposite the armored horse.

Class Potions

Go down from the doorway of the potion of potions, and you will see a closet with the token of the house below.

Central Hall Dardanian Key#1

Get quickly to the fireplace of the central hall, and then go to double doors. The Deadline key near the doors will lead you to the head-headed door on the other end of the hall.

Central Hall Deadline Key No. 2

To get a second key in the central hall, turn right from double doors to the stairs. You will find the key under the stairs.


This key is also relatively easier to find. Just go to the library. Go to the west of the library, and you will find the key flying there. Then follow it in the northeast corner, and there you will find a closet.

Faculty of Deadline Key No. 1

The next key is located in the faculty tower, which is far from the library. Players here need to use the flame of the fireplace and quickly move to this area. Having reached there, you will see a door locked with a 1st level lock. However, if you have already completed the lunar cry of the quest, then you already know how to unlock it, so do not forget to fulfill this quest before coming here. As soon as you entered the room, go to the second part, and there you will find the key. Then he will return you down, and the closet will be right there.

Faculty of Deadline Key No. 2

Go to the clock tower, and then go downstairs. Continue to go until you reach the floor on which there is a neck of a pendulum. You will see a key flying nearby, which will return you to the area where you came from, and thus you will find a closet.

Dardanian key in the clock tower

To get the last key, players need to go down to the lowest floor in the area of the clock tower. Having reached there, the players will find a flying key there. Pursue the key, and he will transfer you to 2 floors up. It is there that the last closet is located. Spank you with a key until it approaches the castle. Open the cabinet and take the token.


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