Denise Herrmann-Wick Crowns First German Sprint World Champion in 11 Years - Celebrates with Ballermann Hit at Home World Cup in Oberhof

After the wedding last September and the publication of your book, to prepare for house building and construction in your adopted house of Upholding are now running, and it ought to start in summer season. And maybe then Herrmann-Wick has more time.

Last World Cup?

One day the feeling will come Because it is not omitted that Oberon is her last World Cup. The sensation will come one day, Herrmann-Wick, asked about a possible resignation, stated before the World Cup in an interview by the World Association IBM. But family and house due to the fact that the most significant dream of your life are not gold medals. My life will go on. Maybe not so quickly and with so much lactate.

The blissful sprint world champion Denise Herrmann-Wick joined the party polonaise and hopped the Alderman struck The train has no brake through the Overpower Excesses. In the event of a deafening noise, the German biathlon team was commemorated after the brand-new Gold Coup of the impressive Saxon at the World Cup home video game on Friday.

After the best performance, Herrmann-Wich had actually currently generated the longed-for first medal for the DSV ski hunters in the Tollways am Bernstein. She crowned herself over 7.5 kilometers to the very first German world champion in this discipline since Magdalena Neuter 2012. I'm completely speechless. It is unique and special to win here, stated the previous long term: It is unbelievable how the viewers press you here. That does something with an athlete.

She is the mommy with us in a team and when the mommy gets gold, we are all happy.

Sophia Schneider Throughout 11,000 fans, she was successful in doing something that just develops the huge ones. Namely, just like her Olympic victory in Beijing practically exactly one year ago to the day, the extremely best-and that likewise with the enormous pressure in front of your own fans. You hardly attempt to dream that something like this can happen here. The reality that I can experience it today is all the more lovely, with family and friends on the edge of the path, stated Herrmann-Wick: This is unbelievable. Nevertheless, she does not get her medal immediately, but just on Saturday evening in the Overpower Airpark. It will be an emotional minute, said Herrmann-Wick, who will not begin a huge celebration in the beginning. You can't commemorate yet, you have to be patient up until completion of the season. But you will certainly be activated, stated the earliest in the German group. Maybe there is likewise a couple of sugary foods, she added.

held up against the high expectations

Everybody had taken a look at Herrmann-Wick prior to the start.


No less was anticipated than a medal. She held expectations with a perfect shooting and the very best time in an outstanding manner. The bliss was very large. Today I was actually delighted, I could not get down when I insinuated my pulse. On Sunday (1:25 p.m./ ZDF and Eurosport) she is now one of the leading favorites in the persecution and already reaches on the border eagle after her second medal. I am the hunted, said Herrmann-Wick, however is not scared of it.

Fulminant last round

Thanks to a brilliant final round, the Election Ruhpoldinger also protected her second World Cup title after 2019 in the persecution. In the end, she had a whole 2.2 seconds ahead of the Swede Hanna Berg, whose teammate Line Person ended up being third. Sophia Schneider likewise made it into the leading 10 as a strong seventh with her World Cup launching. She is the mommy with us in group and when the mommy gets gold, we are all happy, said Schneider, who wishes for a positive result, about Herrmann-Wick: In basic, this takes the pressure when we have a medal. At 2:42 p.m., Herrmann-Wick started her gold mission with start number 24. Enter into the race carefully and just not cover the path before the first shooting, which she implemented as planned. Your lying shooting lasted 32.6 seconds in the end all 5 slices fell. Prior to the last standing shooting, nerves needed to be kept-the favorites had actually had to have plumes. However, not Herrmann-Wick. A circle now closes for them. Olympic champ, gold at a home World Cup, plus another world champion title. After she switched from cross-country snowboarding in 2016, she finally left her traces in German biathlon history. In addition to her tendency to the perfection-sich herself, she describes her meticulousness and passion for sport, which made the 34-year-old become a huge one after the late switch to the ski hunters.

Bitter ling: It does not work any much better

And the greatest possible success in sport likewise affected her thinking: everything can, nothing needs to be, is now her motto. This looseness in the head transfers it to her performance. Denise is an extremely outstanding professional athlete who, regardless of her successes, still wishes to tease out a bit, said Sportdirekotr Felix Bitter ling after the triumph: It doesn't work any much better, you can't dream much better. It was an excellent day. Herrmann-Wick has actually appeared loosely and fixed considering that the start of the season. Even days when things are not going as hoped, they do not toss off the track and are more inspiration. She also provides her fantastic love partner Thomas Wick. He gives her security and support in life, and the previous cross-country skier (31) is an important guide.


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