Dark and Darker Devs Announce April Playtest with Substantial Additions Before Early Access Launch

After some astronomically successful play tests, Dark as well as Darker is obtaining one even more play test in April in advance of its Early Access launch.

The devs have not yet committed to a firm launch window for Dark as well as Darker in Early Gain Access To, though in a Q&A a couple of weeks ago (opens up in new tab), they said a launch in late April or very early Might was likely. This later play test might suggest a later launch for the game itself, though without a proper launch date revealed in the initial place, we can not truly call this a hold-up.

In their main Disharmony (opens in brand-new tab), the devs at Iron mace claim that the most recent play test gave us a lot of hints on exactly how to proceed with growth. It is for this factor we have actually made a decision to schedule another play test previous to our Very early Accessibility launch.


While the success of Dark as well as Darker has gone over, it hasn't been all good news recently. Nixon has affirmed that Dark and also Darker uses taken possessions from a job it had in the works -a claim Iron mace has actually vehemently refuted.

That new play test is scheduled to range from April 14 through April 19. The devs recognize that players might be disappointed by the longer downtime in between this play test and the last, however say we will work our hardest to make the following one even far better than in the past. There's no idea yet on what those considerable additions could be.


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