Can U23 Receive Support from Sports Fans Siegen?

As the leaders, the U23 most likely to the 20th match day of the Oberlin Westphalia on Sunday midday (kick-off) as well as meets a popular challenger with the Sportfreunde Siegen. But while the eagle providers ride on a wave of success, the winning nations afflict very severe transfer worries. Presently, it only divides a slightly far better objective difference from a transfer area. It is specifically essential for sports fans-and that is not a daily backdrop. When the climate plays along. The fact that the video game needs to be moved from the fabricated turf pitch to the stadium schedules, to name a few points, the suggestions of the protection authorities, which-as in this case-suggest a fan separation for some organization video games. Due to the absence of architectural problems, this might just be carried out in the young people stadium by a financially not able and also disproportionately large to use folder use. The Prussian stadium, with its preferable facilities, is for that reason the better alternative. Currently, nonetheless, the change in the weather condition with lower temperatures and night frost is added.

A choice on the video game of the game is just made on Saturday, as well as a game cancellation can not presently be left out.

our group is extraordinary

From a showing off perspective, it will certainly be an eye-catching job for our U23, also if the sports fans are currently deep in the relegation fight. The expectations in a city like Siegen are naturally traditionally huge. It is a little shocking how tough you are performing with this function this period. Particularly given that the team has a lot of experience, claims Prussian trainer Kieran Schulze-Marmeling. In any situation, the train as well as his boys are expecting a performance in the Prussian stadium: Of course this is something unique. The coach, that can just train on man-made lawn, does not see a negative aspect for his group anyway: We have actually currently played very great video games on all-natural yard, to ensure that's not a huge topic.


The lead in the Oberlin is a terrific snapshot as well as verification of the successful and continual work of current years. And she promotes the personality of the team, which as a second depiction can not climb also when the specialists increase. Inspiration problems? However, Schulze-Marmeling knows: The troop is outstanding. It is hot for the video games as well as the success. That is a lot of fun. I always have the impact that the view does not check out the very first in May, but on getting 3 points in the following game.

Notes on the video game

The stadium opens up 60 mins prior to the beginning of the game on Sunday, i.e. at 2 p.m. The Prussian fans only have the seats in the blocks E as well as F generally grandstand. Accessibility occurs via the gain access to on the Berg Fidel sporting activities' hall, the primary entrance stays closed. The visitor followers are housed in the guest area of Block K. A full time ticket costs 8.00 euros, a reduced card 5.00 euros. Tickets are just readily available at the box office at Block E/F (or on the guest block).


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