10 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Games To Look Out For In February 2021

In February there are once again a great deal of excellent new releases for Nintendo Switch. These include some well-known names such as Kirby, Digimon or Sociopath Traveler, but likewise lots of intriguing newbies and insider ideas. That you don't miss the finest, we have chosen ten particularly exciting games and present you to you briefly:


Appears on: February 14th Blanc is an experience in the design of an in-depth pencil illustration and mixes 2D and 3D graphics with each other. The co-op video game can only be played for two, both online and locally. It is about a wolf and a fawn kids who are looking for their way back to their families after they have run in the snow storm. Both animals have individual strengths and weak points and have to work well together to conquer all obstacles and to make it through in the rough winter world. The heart-warming story is told without text and a user interface is also ignored, so that nothing disturbs the impression of the quite, black and white landscapes. Blanc for EUR 14.99 in the Nintendo shop

Kirby's Go Back To Dream Land Deluxe

Appears on: February 24th Kirby's Go Back To Dreamland Deluxe is a new edition of Kirby's Experience Wii. In the Story project of the Action Platformer, you can take a trip alone or with up to four gamers in the regional co-op through Dream Land and aid Mangalore fix their crashed spaceship. In the fight, in addition to Kirby's recognized special forces and its capability to draw in opponents, you can likewise utilize the brand-new Mech-special power, which Kirby develops into a battle robot. In addition to the project, there are a whole series of mini-games, through which Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe is also suitable as a party video game for in between, with the luxurious variation with Mangalore Book Hat likewise an entire new video game. Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe for EUR 59.99 in the Nintendo Shop

Sociopath Traveler II

Appears on: February 24th As with the predecessor, Sociopath Traveler II is likewise a role-playing game with an uncommon and gorgeous mix of 3D and retro pixel graphics. As in the first part, you can slip back into the roles of 8 various travelers, each experience their own however interconnected stories. This time you set sail and explore the world of two continents with different cultures Holistic. Emphasizes are once again the varied character advancement in addition to the interesting, round-based battles, in which, in addition to the tested break and increase system, brand-new mechanics likewise supply tactical depth and unanticipated turns. Sociopath Traveler II for EUR 59.99 in the Nintendo Shop

Elder and

Appears on: February 16 Elder and is an action role-playing game in a 2D pixel type. In a dark, from the stories H.P. Lovecraft's inspired fantasy world fights you with a big choice of weapons such as swords, axes, whips and arches in addition to with the help of effective spells versus hordes of terrifying beasts. More than 60 opponent types and lots of bosses are constantly presenting you with new difficulties. In addition, the development system in which crafting and collecting victim play a major function needs to provide high long-lasting motivation. It is likewise ensured by the different regions that extend from forests and floating islands over a cursed cathedral to hell. Older edge for EUR 19.99 in the Nintendo shop

theatrhythm last bar line

Appears on: February 16 Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is a rhythm action game which contains 385 tunes from 46 video games (spin-offs and remakes consisted of) of the last fantasy series. You take on 104 characters understood from the series in arenas versus a wide array of opponents and monsters, whereby you have to push the best buttons in time of the music to attack and trigger devastating special attacks. You can also contend in the co-op on a switch or online with up to 4 gamers. If you are not defending you, you can likewise take pleasure in all the tunes and film series in peace in music player or theater mode. If you wish to test it before the purchase, the Nintendo shop has a complimentary demonstration prepared. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line for EUR 59.99 in the Nintendo Shop

Digimon World: Next Order

Appears on: February 22nd

In Digimon World: Next Order, it is your jobs to ensure order in the digital world, which is overrun by Machinedramon. You can be accompanied by two Digimon companions for the very first time. In general, when investigating the diverse video game world, you will fulfill more than 200 Digimon who can gather, prepare and train. It is necessary that you build a close relationship with your Digimon and your two companions hit it off with each other, because the more effective they act in combat. In addition to the battles and the exploration, you are likewise busy structure and handling your city, which you slowly become a city.


Digimon World: Next order for EUR 59.99 in the Nintendo Shop

Figment 2: Creed Valley

Appears in: February The very first invention that abducted us into a surreal, colorful world was a small surprise hit in 2017. The successor now appears again captivates initially glance through its fairy tale, imaginative art style. Again we embark on a journey through the human psyche and need to battle headaches that threaten to cover the gorgeous video game world in the dark. The gameplay of the isometric action adventure once again includes a mix of difficult puzzles and battles in which you have to transfer to the rhythm of the climatic soundtrack. What is brand-new is that you can now compete in the local co-op. Fantasy 2: Creed Valley in the Nintendo Shop

Tales of Symphonic Remastered

Appears on: February 17th With Tales of Symphonic, one of the most popular parts of the time-honored Tales series gets a remaster that offers technical improvements such as a greater resolution. The JRPG sends you into the world of Variant, which is on the edge of the void by exploiting the manes. To renew the world, you have to go on an epic journey. Like all Tales games, Tales of Symphonic is defined by its hectic real-time battles, in which you can move easily within small arenas and treat your opponents with effective combos and special attacks.

In addition, the role-playing game lives from its numerous lovely to eccentric characters that you get to understand en route. Tales of Symphonic Remastered for EUR 39.99 in the Nintendo Shop

Verdict Guilty

Appears on: February 16 Verdict Guilty is a combating video game in 2D retros tile. In NEO SEOUL, who was searching for terrorism and arranged criminal offense, you follow either the criminals or the cops. While in many other battling games with simple fists or melee weapons, the characters here do not avoid utilizing maker guns and grenades. There are eight different characters to select from, each of which has their own solo project, which indicates that they experience the story from various viewpoints. In addition, the regional multiplayer ensures long-term enjoyable. Verdict Guilty of EUR 8.99 in the Nintendo shop


Appears on: February 28th Ratios is a creative mix of puzzle and music video game. It takes a trip to cube-shaped worlds, on the 6 sides of which there is a maze. In these mazes you have to specify a course that has to end again and once again where it has actually started and integrate various so-called sound emitters. So you make sure a small, constantly repeating tune, which gradually combines with the tunes of the other cubes pages into a complicated structure. On your trip you open 20 musical instruments and learn more about a wide variety of genres, from German electron in the style of the 70s to Ethiopian jazz. Ratios for EUR 14.29 in the Nintendo shop This article is a sponsored story that was created on behalf of a marketing partner from Media. It was created by a complimentary author who is not a member of the Gamer editorial team. The deals noted are supplied with so-called affiliate links.


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