Maestro and Neptune Speak on Alleged Draft Leakage Committed by Furia & Los Grande in CBLOL's

Last Friday (27), the Curia and Los Grande organizations published backstage videos and day-to-day life of their League of Legends teams. In the images, it was possible to see drafts of teams of the teams in the 1st Split of CBOL 2023, which made the teams accused of leaking information from opponents. The organizations spoke about the case on the same day, but this Saturday (28), Maestro, Curia coach, and Neptune, shooter of Los Grande, also commented on the subject during the press conferences of the championship.


Curia and Los Great leaks supposed opponents of opponents

After publication of the videos, the scenario became aware of what had happened and Red Canids' player Titan published a series of tweets speaking out on the subject. I'm thinking this bizarre, because it wasn't just a team, for the sake of God guys? No staff said anything yet? The player said on his personal profile on Twitter. The practice of revealing information about training drafts is condemned by the scenario, as this activity should be confidential to maintain the vitality of the championship. Shortly thereafter, both videos were taken down by their organizations.

Curia Pronouncement

Still on Friday, Curia used its Twitter profile to talk about the case.

We pay attention to the lol community complaint about some screens in the 1st video of the Backdoor series. We thank the community feedback and apologize to those who have been hit. We corrected the video and guarantee that this situation will not be repeated in the following episodes. , said the organization. During Curia's press conference after a victory against Liberty, Maestro also commented on the topic. We are aware that this happened. It was a mistake, in fact, unfortunately it happened, it does not always happen, especially from the fury, which was always a very correct and professional organization, but it can happen to any1. It was something bad, But everything has already been talked about, the appropriate apology has already been made, and all parties are already reassured about it.

Pronouncement of Los Grande

Like the fury, Los Grande also spoke on Twitter. Because of an internal failure, some images of our League of Legends team were leaked on our YouTube video. Even though it was a mistake other organizations also made, we would like to make it clear that it was not intentional, and we reinforced that, On our side, it will not happen again. We apologize to the community, all the players and the teams who have been harmed. At a press conference after a victory against Vito Had Stars, Neptune said: This has already been answered. Terror and Los have already talked about on Twitter, I don't think I have much to say, we already apologized and that's it. Check out all the important information about the 1st Split of CBOL 2023, such as the updated table of the championship, calendar, scores, line-ups of the teams and more.


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