Warhammer 40k: Explanation of Darktide complexity levels

Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide is a multi-user game in which players should survive in game tests in the team.


If survival becomes too complicated, you can simply change the level of complexity of the game. The next guide will discuss the differences between all five levels of complexity.

What is the difference between Dark tide complexity levels?

Animation: This is the easiest level of complexity in the whole game. The level of sedition complexity is ideal for players who want to master the game almost without problems. This level is also recommended if you want to try a new character. Rebellion: The second level of complexity complicates the task compared to the previous level. Players can switch to the level of uprising after gaining enough experience for the character. The recommended level for this complexity rating is level 10. Anger: This level of complexity is equivalent to the usual complexity rating in other games, since it is clamped between the remaining four levels of complexity. When playing at this level, you can earn the best equipment and increase the level of strength. Heresy: This level becomes extremely complex, and it should be chosen only for the characters of the maximum level. Characters of a lower level have no particular chance at this level of complexity. Curse: This is the last and most difficult level of complexity in Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide. This level is recommended only when playing with a whole detachment of characters of the maximum level.

You can get one of the best awards in the game, playing at this level of difficulty.


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