The best XP maps in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Seeing that Fortnite offers the opportunity to win XP of battle pass not only in the Battle Royale modes but also in creative maps, players have many options. However, there is certainly a difference in the XP that is obtained from one map to another. That is why we have passed to find out the best creative maps to win XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to use island codes in Fortnite

To use any of the island codes below, you will want to press any button that is linked to the game mode selection on the main lobby screen. (In PlayStation, it is square). Once in this menu, you just have to move to the most to the right of Island Code. From here, you can enter the codes found in the upper part of the map information card to the right of the creator's name.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Best creative maps for XP

The Pit-Free for all

Image source: epic games through This map has a double purpose. Not only do you get XP for death against an opponent, but the available load includes weapons of this season, such as the DMR. That makes this creative map an excellent way to train you to handle certain weapons that you may not be used to using. With the amount of weapons available and the lobbies of 12 players, you will get XP at a constant pace.

Parkour Death run 200+

Image source: epic games through If you ever played Fall Guys, you know more or less what to expect from this map. This is a huge course full of coins that grant at least 400 XP per collection, with more than 50 coins to collect. Control points are also incredibly indulgent to reduce any frustration. In addition to that, with the duration of the course, you will definitely get the XP bonus for the time you play in Creative. If you are looking for a fun Parkour course that only spits XP constantly, this is the best option.

The Earth of Zombies

Image source: epic games through Taking into account Creative PVP Maps / Modes, this is really excellent for several reasons. However, since we are here by XP, let's go to the point. With regard to constant XP, this is the map you want.


Each dead zombie the XP. Although it is like 20-50 XP for death, and that is not much in itself. But once the game progresses (partly thanks to the other players), the zombies will begin to appear in greater number and accumulate that XP easily.

A shot pistol

Image source: epic games through Fortnite Creative is literate with weapons game modes that follow the original Call of Duty formula of each death that takes you to the next weapon in the sequence. The fact that the damage and shot speed vary greatly from one weapon to another would normally prevent it from being a great XP farm. However, this map gives each player only 1 health point to work. This means that I even touch an enemy player and kill him. Because of that, this version of Gun Game is excellent for accumulating a ton of XP, considering that you are seeing around 500 XP per death in a series of 55 weapons per round. THE COMPLEX 2: 8V8 team fights Image source: epic games through The usefulness of this map is similar to The PIT. If you are tired of constantly killing you from nowhere, this map is a team fight in a team, which means that you have someone watching you. In addition, if you have 7 friends who also play Fortnite, this is one of the best ways to gather them all. These are the ones that we have considered the best creative maps to win XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Be sure to consult the links below to get more news and guides of Fortnite, such as where to find the new hammer of shock waves. Related Posts Is Battle Lab in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1? Answered Where to find Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Explanation of the hot points of Fortnite: What are they and where to find them All new locations with name and points of interest on the map of season 1 of chapter 4 of Fortnite Is there a proximity chat in Fortnite? Explained