Nexon Opens Exhibition For The Latest Mobile Game 'Rain Of Power'

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) will showcase the first for the first forge after the launch of the new mobile civilization: Reign of Power (Rain of Power), developed by End Rim Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung-Won CHO).

Since its official launch on November 29, the first season in Asia, including Korea, will begin the battle between the federation. At the same time, a capture was added to attack major wonders to earn points and win victory.

There are a total of 13 wonders, and it is divided into three grades, depending on the size of water supply, large cities, and small towns. The largest water supply is one pyramid, and the large cities include four landmarks, including Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Statue of Liberty, and eight world-cultural sites including Colosseum and Stonehenge. As the chronology of the season progresses, it will be released sequentially from the low grade mysterious, and each is occupied in a one-week basis.

At first occupation, one of the wonders of small cities can be occupied, and through the federation category research, the number of small cities occupations can be expanded, and the large cities can be expanded to two. In addition, for the perpetrators of the wonders, the federation must be connected to the wonders, and when the territory touches, it is possible to attack. Occupation rewards include a variety of rewards and buffs for the federation, and you can accumulate occupation points during the season to win the conquest.

At the same time, Nixon unveiled a new promotional video that introduces the main features before occupation and the battle in the game. In the video, the federation, the gathering of the federation, the gathering of the main wonders such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Taj Mahal, and the last crown appeared to express the honor of victory. In addition, on the 6th, Civilization: Rain of Power's official model, Subsidy Pearl Duo (Lee, Jew Ho-min) and famous game influencer On, presented a civilization competition where real-time game play was played. According to each strategy, the fun of showing various civilization developments has been greatly received by users.

Meanwhile, Civilization: Rain of Power is a new Nixon new launch in Asia, including Korea on November 29, and is the first mobile MMORPG game that utilizes the IP of the world's classic game.

It is based on the popular civilization 5 of the civilization series, and it is not only inherited the core elements of civilization and the great factor, but also provides the season zero large PVP war contents of the federation.


Civilization: For more information about Rain of Power, please visit the official website.


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