LOL: Is Rekkles face face? We compare prices with G2 eSports and Fnatic

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Finding the middle term to things, like everything in life is complicated. The tastes and purchasing power of each one is different, so some prices are more or less acceptable depending on the eyes in which the same looks. Electronic sports are no exception, and as has happened with a European League of Legends legend that has thrown its clothing brand, this debate has been reopened. Reckless launched Reckless.GG its own portal in which it has launched its own clothing line and with which it has been working for a few months. It is these moments 5 products, two sweatshirts, two short manga shirts and arm sleeves.

Prices ranging from 50 to 125 euros

The garments usually offer a certain profit margin if they are produced on a large scale, so many companies take a great revenue from their clothing lines for the simple fact of the brand. Next we put the prices that Reckless has on its website, not counting the shipping costs: T-shirts (King in the North, Bot Diff): 50 euros each Fists or arm sleeves (Power Spike): 50 euros the pair Sweatshirts (King in the North and Bot Diff): 125 euros each The clothing line is quite stylist and is quite pretty, but the fact that you have these high prices and that there are shipping costs that in some places can exceed eight and a half euros, make things more than once think about things Before paying for these products. In spite of this, for some fans this has not been an impediment, and the official Twitter account of Reckless. GG retweeted several of the carts of several users where purchases were made worth 400 euros.

We compare Reckless.GG prices with Fanatic and G2 ESports

We learn on the website that products are manufactured in Europe, which from an ethical point of view is an extra that must be emphasized. But prices still seem relatively high compared to what you can find in the electronic sports market.


If we rely on Fanatic and G2 Esports stores, two teams for which Reckless played we found: FANATIC: sweatshirts are between 50 and 75 euros. There were special at 120 euros, but they are all sold out. The shirts are between 25 and 35 euros. G2: Hoodies range between 50 and 65 euros and shirts vary from 20 to 35 euros. For arm sleeves, both those of Fanatic and G2 are 25 euros. There are details that logically escape our knowledge, such as knowing G2 and Fanatic manufacture all their garments in Europe, as if it does the Swedish shooter. In addition, having more impact on the sector and being brands settled in it, they have more decision-making power over the time of setting costs and trying to maximize benefits and that people can buy their garments at an affordable price. If some of you decide or have already bought clothes from the Reckless store, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.


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