Jon Momoa, Other Stars Respond To Superman Henry Cavill Announcement

Henry Cavill will not be Superman again, although James Gun h confirmed that he could count on him in the future; Although what seems clear is that it will not be the Superman of the new stage of the DCU with James Gun and Peter Saran in front. After the actor's open letter explaining what h happened and in which he thanked the support of the fans, many have been the Hollywood personalities and stars that have not taken long to react to such unexpected announcement; And let's remember that Cavils himself announced his sound return Superman after the premiere of Black Adam. And among the celebrities who have reacted we find their ct partner Jon Momoa and many more.

Hollywood reacts to Superman's farewell

Thus, Jon Momoa h reacted to Cavils's post with a I love you, brother, leaving some heart emojis next to his message.

On the other hand, Zachary Levi, the actor who gives life to Shazam in the DC universe, h written I hope to catch him in another universe, gentleman. Although one of the most senses h been Any García, Black Adam's producer who fought for Cavils and Superman with Dwayne Johnson: You are and always be our Superman and you are, of course much more.


I offer the light you have in you. Any's brother, Hiram García, also a producer of Black Adam, h sured that you will always be the superman of our generation, brother. Always. Actress Quinton Wendell, Cyclone in Black Adam, h also joined the comments of love and respect for the actor: You will always be the greatest. In Marvel Studios there have also been reactions such the actor Email Nanjing (Eternal), ensuring that I am sorry to hear this, but I am looking forward to seeing what you do next. It w a pleure to meet you the other night. Actor Christopher Lloyd, Doc in the saga returned to the future (among many other papers), h reacted with a you were wonderful in this role. Finally, Henry Cavill's own couple, Natalie Viscus, h written: Always an elegant gentleman. Until always, Superman by Henry Cavill.


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