Is Activision Blizzard X Microsoft: According to Spencer, Sony is only about your own dominance. While companies such as Valve, Meta

The first few years after the launch of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there was a fierce competition between Microsoft and Sony on who would dominate the console market. However, failed experiments such as Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4 Pro have made many players question whether this competition is still appropriate.

While business such as Valve, Meta or Take-Two Interactive are open to the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft according to his own information, Sony Interactive Entertainment has set all levers in the previous few months to prevent the $68.7 billion.


In particular, the draft Call of Duty series rapidly ended up being a political issue. After the US Federal Trade Commission (short: FTC) announced recently that the institution wish to avoid the takeover with a claim, Microsoft's Phil Spencer spent the development of the last week about the advancement of the last Weekly. The head of Microsoft's gaming division came, to name a few things, on Sony Interactive Entertainment's efforts to prevent the takeover and described them as an effort to underpin one's own dominance. The PlayStation makers are less worried about the wellness of the consumers, as Spencer showed.

Xbox and PlayStation follow different strategies

As Spencer assured again in the course of the podcast, Microsoft has no interest in withdrawing the Call of Responsibility series from other platforms such as the PlayStation systems. In the end, Sony Interactive Home Entertainment is just about asserting and growing your own supremacy by keeping the Xbox ecosystem as little as possible. In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft follow various strategies anyway.

Sony has a various view of market than we do. They do not release their games on the first day for the PC, and they do not take them into a subscription on the day they appear, continued Spencer. Sony leads the dialogue as to why the deal should not happen to secure its dominant position in the location of the consoles. To do this, you can utilize Call of Task. Further reports on Activision Blizzard: Lead concessions to the FTC authorization of the takeover? Takeover: Microsoft ready for concessions according to the report According to Spencer, Sony has no interest in direct discussions The largest console maker on the planet makes objections to the one franchise that we said of that it will continue to be delivered on the platform. It is an offer from which consumers benefit from additional alternatives and access, it states. The US meals will need to clarify whether and in what kind of the FTC complaint. It is currently certain that the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is noticeably delayed by the development of the past few days. Source: Chronicle video games More reports on Activision Blizzard, Microsoft.