How to Get Jewelry in Bitlife

To get jewelry at Bit life, you should visit the Assets tab.

Under the asset, the tab, you will need to choose to go to the store option and find a jeweler. The jeweler sells various types of jewelry. However, there will be two options for jewelers: Shady Toms Discount Gems and Prudent Jewelry. Shied Toms sells fake jewelry that players can buy and give if they have little money. Prudent jewelry will sell genuine jewelry at various prices, which vary from $20 to $5,000. We recommend getting a job, for which they pay at least a few thousand dollars a year if you want jewelry. This gives you enough money to afford to buy expensive jewelry in Bit life.

How to buy jewelry worth more than 5 thousand in Bit life

To buy jewelry worth more than 5 thousand in Bit life, you first need to earn some money. You can quickly get rich in Bit life by getting a job for which they pay a lot of money, or playing gambling. If you have a significant bank account, you can purchase jewelry worth more than 5 thousand, going to the jeweler and buying any jewelry worth more than 5 thousand.

where to find a jeweler in Bit life

You will find a jeweler on the Assets tab in Bit life. The Assets tab is in the lower left corner of the screen when you are in the center of the main menu. Go to the Assets tab, and you will see another list of parameters. These options will include an option with the inscription Go Shopping. Click Go shopping, and you can find a jeweler, as shown below.

What are the jewelry in Bit life?

Bit life jewelry is used to gift to other NPCs or for marriage, if it is a ring.


Players can also sell their jewelry, evaluate them and sacrifice them for charity.

how to give jewelry in Bit life

If you want to give another NPC decoration, find jewelry in the Acting section. By pressing your decoration, you will see several options, one of which will be a gift option. Click the gift and you can give jewelry to another NPC from your choice. To learn more about Bit life, Pro Game Guides will provide you with an extensive and constantly expanding leadership catalog.


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