Epic Games Leaks Surprise Free Game

Hold onto your hats because Epic Games has some incredible news – they are giving away Unreal Tournament 3 for free! This is a huge surprise for longtime fans of the series, and it's certain to bring a whole new audience to the game. Find out more about this unexpected leak, what you can expect from the game, and why Epic felt now was the right time to give it away.

Multiplayer modes will include Deathwatch, Group Deathwatch, Capture the Flag, 1v1 Duel mode, Warfare, Truck Capture the Flag, Betrayal, and Greed. In addition to multiplayer, Unreal Competition 3 X will obviously feature the total single-player project,. While this seems like the very best possible variation of the game for those that currently enjoy Unreal Competition 3, it also sounds like the ideal variation for newcomers too. According to the video game's page, there will be no microtransactions and no strings connected.


Next month, Legendary Games will shut down the online servers for a number of games, consisting of several entries in the Rock Band series, 1000 Tiny Claws, and Unreal Tournament 3. It seems the publisher has big plans for the latter video game in the type of new version called Unreal Tournament 3 X. While this sounds like the best possible version of the game for those that already like Unreal Tournament 3, it likewise sounds like the perfect version for beginners.

Unfortunately, while a lot of information have been leaked about Unreal Tournament 3 X, there has been no indicator when this version will actually be released. Nevertheless, with Unreal Competition 3's servers set to go offline on January 24th, it appears like a safe bet that Unreal Tournament 3 X will be made offered within the next month. The game's Steam page was very first noticed by The Verge, and the outlet connected to Epic Games for remark. The publisher would not validate or deny the video game's presence, though it appears quite clear that an official statement is planned. Hopefully Epic Games won't keep fans waiting too much longer before pulling back the drape!

Next month, Epic Games will close down the online servers for several games, consisting of several entries in the Rock Band series, 1000 Tiny Claws, and Unreal Competition 3. Nevertheless, it seems the publisher has big strategies for the latter video game in the kind of new version called Unreal Competition 3 X. It appears that a Steam page for the game was posted ahead of an official statement, though it's listed as presently not available and will be offered in the future. The listing also makes it clear that the video game will be completely totally free and will offer cross play in between releases on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG!

Until Epic Games decides to make that statement, readers can find out more about Unreal Competition 3 X by taking a look at its Steam page right here.

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