Beautiful Girl Music Card RPG White Melody Pre -Reservation

Messy Soft will make a preliminary booking for the beautiful girl music card rpg white melody, which combines music and beautiful girl card RPG.

White melodies are combined with a lot of classical music elements such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Notre Dame de Paris to enjoy the visuals of RPGs and the strategy of card games. It is a unique type of game that combines classical music and beautiful girls. It is a card RPG game, but it is a game that will provide new fun for users who enjoy general RPGs by supporting manual/automatic battles.

White Melody's pre-registration is available on the official pre-registration page, and you can make a reservation through one store in addition to the official pre-registration page.


All pre-bookers will receive various in-game items such as 350,000 Mayo Gold, dance drama ticket (Character Summon Ticket), Charcoal Fire Ribs, sea beauty grilled (Character Level Up), and Candy Snowy (Profile).

More details can be found on the NEVER Lounge of White Melody.


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