The Senior Scrolls Online

With Fire song the most up to date DLC for the fantasy on the internet role-playing video game The Senior citizen Scrolls Online for the PlayStation as well as Xbox consoles will certainly be released this month.

On the one hand, this bargains with the background of the DLC. Furthermore, impressions from the game world and also the brand-new island are waiting, which you can check out in Fire song.

As already confirmed in the main news of the DLC, Fire song the tale of Tradition of the Breton's is brought to a final thought. To get you in the state of mind for the adventures in front of you, the developers of Animal online provided you with a new gameplay trailer for Fire song shortly prior to the console release.

assert on your own in an untamed wilderness

ESO At the island in concern, we have Galen, the house of the strange druids, in which numerous secrets, valuable prizes and also harmful risks are waiting for adventurers. Popular fire circles and also aggressive gray sail pirates are seeking the Breton's of Galen house. Defends a people that are besieged by two unanticipated opponents in a brand-new story, Animal described online in the official summary .

Battle the orders of the orders and also bring your year-round journey to an impressive final thought by experiencing extra web content if you have actually already completed the main tale of the High Isle phase, says the activity of the DLC.

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The Senior Scrolls Online: Fire song is currently readily available for the PC and also the Mac. The PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S will certainly follow on November 15, 2022.