Overwatch 2: How to unlock Ramattra?

MANTRA is the hero tank that soon to Overwatch 2. It is very differentiated, as its gameplay intends to be revolutionary for the franchise. The comic has two very distinct forms with two sets of skills. Its base shape is called Omnicom and its second form will be nemesis . Despite this hype, many players are wondering How to unlock the tank? Is the same process as Kirk?

If you do not know, the hero is an comic, just like Kenyatta , but Grammar opted for a different way, in which he struggles to protect the existence of his species, while his friend chose to follow peace and wisdom.

How to unlock Mantra?

The truth is that there is no certainty, because Blizzard can change the form of unlocking until there . Apparently, it will be necessary to reach the level 5 of the battle pass to unlock the new heroes.

For Mantra, we strongly doubt that it is offered to the franchise veterans, as it was with Kirk. Buying a new package (such as the observatory package) seems to be uninteresting, but it is not unlikely that this situation resurfaces.


However, We can be sure that it will be necessary to pass the 55 levels of the Battle Pass of Season 2 to unlock the new tank hero mentioned . As for the form paid, it depends on the developer to draw a more convenient strategy for players.

When does the second season of Overwatch 2 start?

A season lasts 9 weeks in Overwatch 2. Having started on October 4, The new season will start on December 6, 2022 and will also last several weeks. If you complete your challenges correctly, you can finish the battle pass before the deadline... although it's not so easy.

If your wish is to have Mantra quickly, be aware that you will not be able to get it in a week unless you spend a lot of your time on overwatch 2. The best way to increase the level of your battle pass is to complete the various Challenges offered by Blizzard. The daily, weekly and seasonal challenges.

Note that battle passenger holders benefit from a 20% bonus in the experience obtained at the end of a game. So it is also good to have the battle pass to gain an extra experience.