Iem Major Rio: 00 Nation and Imperial near the elimination; Furia adds 1 victory and 1 defeat

The first day of IEM Major Rio (check out the full guide of the event), the first CS: GO of history held in azil, was bad for azilian teams. 00 Nation and Imperial have suffered two defeats in three games, and now they will need to win three consecutive MD3 series to not yet fall at Challengers Stage, the first phase of the major. Curia debuted with defeat to Big after suffering a painful turn on the Vertigo map, but recovered after winning 00 Nation in a azilian classic.

Check out the summary of the 1st day of the major


The Imperial, Fallen, Fer, Chemo, Bolt and Mini team, and probable team with the greatest cheerleader in Rio, had a day of difficult confrontations and losses. The azilian team debuted in the competition against favorite Vitality, and was dominated on the Hell map. The Europeans even opened 13 to 2 on the CT side, and even with the IMP reaction after the sides change, Zoo's team finished the match 16-9.

After the defeat to Vitality, the Imperial faced the South American rival 9Z Team, but was defeated again, this time on the Mirage map. In the first half, the DGT and NQZ team won by 13 to 2 on the CT side. Although the imperial once again sketched a reaction after the sides change, the azilians were defeated 16 to 11.

00 Nation

00 Nation was another azilian team with a bad day, being completely dominated in the two games in which it was defeated. In the debut against Bad News Eagles, Caldera's team, Taco, Dumas, Try and Latte was hit 16-3 on the Vertigo map, in one of the most surprising results of Major's first day, especially by the elastic score.

In the next duel, the 00 starred in a azilian classic against Curia, but once again was dominated inside the server. In a duel played on the Mirage map, the panthers opened 11 to 4 on the TR side and, after the sides, finished the series in 16 to 6.


The only azilian team that arrived at the Champions Stage (last two majors players (Champions Stage), the curia was the country's representative with the best performance on the first day of Major. At the debut, Art team, Esperanto, Yuri, Drop and Safe faced Big, and even opened 13 to 3 over the Europeans on the Vertigo map. From the 17th round, but the European team reacted, sought the draw 15-15 and forced the extension. In Overtime, Big was superior to the panthers and finished the game in

The next duel of the fury was against 00 Nation, and the panthers had a Esperanto show and company were imposed from the first rounds to defeat the Caldera and Taco team 16-6 on the Mirage map.

Results of the 1st round

  • 11h-smouz 16 x 9 outsiders
  • 11h-9z Team 6 x 16 Gamer legion
  • 12:15-Bad News Eagles 16 x 3 00 Nation
  • 12h15-og 16 x 5 Greyhound
  • 13h30-Big 19 x 16 Curia
  • 13h30-Evil Geniuses 16 x 9 IOC ESports
  • 14h45 Vitality 16 x 9 Imperial
  • 14h45-cloud9 17 x 19 fanatic


Results of the 2nd round

  • 18h40-outsiders 16 x 12 IOC eSports
  • 18h40-00 nation 6 x 14 curia
  • 19h50-Big 11 x 16 Bad News Eagles
  • 19h50-Evil Geniuses 10 x 16 Moue
  • 21h00-9z Team 16 x 11 Imperial
  • 21h40 Vitality 10 x 16 Gamer legion
  • 22h30-Og 13 x 16 Fanatic
  • 23h00-Cloud9 17 x 19 Greyhound

clashes of the 3rd round (01/11)

  • 11h00-Evil Geniuses x 9Z Team (MD1)
  • 11h00 Vitality x Outsiders (MD1)
  • 12h15-Og x Curia (MD1)
  • 12h15-Big x Greyhound (MD1)
  • 13h30-00 Nation x IOC ESports (MD3)
  • 1:30 pm
  • 17h00-Cloud9 x Imperial (MD3)
  • 17h00-Gamerlegion x Bad News Eagles (MD3)


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