A streamer fulfills the childhood dream of many children who saw the Yu-Gi series

DREAM One of the childhood series that marked, to some extent to a generation was Yu-Gi-Oh! . This anime based on card games and has several seasons. This tells the story of a young man who carries the millinery puzzle or the puzzle of the millennium, one of the seven millinery objects, and that his grandfather had given it to him.

In addition to the anime and the series of drawings they took, after the success in Spain, the physical cards and other merchandising articles with which to expand the Yu-Gi-Oh universe were also launched! Which won enough followers in the early 2,000 in our country and that also coincided with the boom of the card games by Magic's hand.

One of these illusions, As it happened with other series such as Blade , they were that these cards or characters could come to life of their own, through animations and that it was reflected as shown in the series when they added a letter to combat, such as the dark wizard or white blue-eyed dragon.

A streamer has managed to encourage these cards

The dream of a whole generation has been reflected through a streamer. This is called Populous, and is an unconditional fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!. To make this project work, has programmed each one of its deck, through several applications to automatically show each monster and even change camera after animation is performed.

As this creator comments, the total time to carry out this has been seven months . This has been one of his childhood dreams, and with work and effort, he has managed to create a real battle of these letters. After achieving this task, he promised that he would try to make such a video once a month.

If you liked this content, and you want to continue taking a look at everything it does, we leave your Twitch and YouTube channels to see all this process that has led him to create this authentic work of art.


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