The new area in New Globe has actually been the very best thus far - yet I miss out on one point for the initial time

** Inner Globe will be released on October 18, the brand-new Brimstone Sands area (sulfur sand desert). He thinks the brand-new location is excellent, but misses out on the mount.

And Brimstone Sands does not disappoint me. After around 5 hours on the test web server, I pertain to the verdict that it is the very best area in the video game so much. It encourages both visually and also in terms of content.

Brimstone Sands is a location that I have actually been anticipating for a long period of time. On the one hand, it is the initial brand-new zone given that the release and also on the various other hand the desert setup was found in November 2021 and also already excited my interest, merely due to the fact that it looked completely different from the previous locations.

** Alex has actually been playing New Globe considering that the beta and has a total of over 800 hrs. Apart from New World, he is mostly active in Guild Battles 2, ESO and Black Desert.

Brimstone Sands is gorgeous and brings a brand-new technician

Currently, in the very first 15 mins I deal with versus hyenas, elementary, tigers, scorpions, corrupt and also jackals. New Globe still has some capturing up to do right here.

Amazon did a good work at the quests . At the start there is just one primary story that follows her as well as which after that unlock increasingly more side quests. Ultimately, there are around 15 missions in one dropped swoop, yet you are not as overloaded as in the old areas.

In General, Brimstone Sands counts on a mix of Roman as well as Egyptian design. The optical highlights are the brand-new city of Neukorsika, which has a holy place in the facility, and also the large pyramid in the middle of the location where the brand-new dungeon is concealed.

The access right into the area truly makes me desire. After a few steps you can see the massive dimension and also stretch of the area. Contributed to this are the coherent lighting and the shadows that throw the rocks. A wonderful comparison to the numerous woodlands in New Globe.

The MMORPG remains real to its visuals style. There are still the very same versions for residences or stairways. So the area looks fresh, but likewise not entirely brand-new or inconsistent in regard to the old world.

A number of the challenger auto mechanics are truly enjoyable for this. Currently, in the first quest you satisfy a tiger of level 63, which triggers a great deal of damage, yet with clear computer animations. You win the battle extremely easily if you stay clear of the large assaults.

The brand-new auto mechanics of the entire desert are also interesting:

  • So there is now the material Brimstone with which you can produce the new heart runts. These are something like a 4th skill with a special impact that you can make use of at any kind of time as well as throughout weapons.

When you quit in it, * There is additionally acid water that triggers you to harm you. Here it is essential to quickly leave the water again so as not to be eliminated by opponents. You can likewise provide your armor with security against acid, which costs a long time.

The technicians as well as products promptly make the area interesting for veterans. But it is also rewarding for returnees: Many missions provide you plaster spheres to level your competence and also therefore the equipment faster. Yet be careful-of program Brimstone Sands is targeted at degree 60.

currently it would be time for mounts

As beautiful as the brand-new location is, it arouses me a new wish. For the first time ever, I miss the mounts in New World.

Brimstone Sands, however, inhabit the dimension of a minimum of 2 areas as well as has several considerable locations due to the desert setting. Right here, mounts would make good sense for the initial time, due to the fact that there are no trees or rocks in the means. On top of that, the strolling courses are still relatively lengthy in spite of 13 quick travel points.

The mounts were also introduced in Guild Wars 2 when it went into the substantial deserts. The auto mechanics of the raptor, which can run rapidly and jump far, would go flawlessly with Brimstone Sands.

brand-new spot brings big sword and brand-new dungeon


If you are still searching for factors far from the location to such as the new spot, you ought to take a look at the whole attribute checklist of the upgrade. A new endgame dungeon as well as the Grow sword weapon also come right into play since in enhancement to Brimstone Sands.

Like the other tools, the huge sword counts on 2 skill trees with three skills each:

  • Schnitzel concentrates on offending abilities and also damages. With the final ability, your strikes decrease the Cooldown skills, which makes you a lot more offensive.
  • Regardless of, in turn, relies upon protective abilities and CC. With the last talent you likewise obtain 5 % recovery with your attacks.

If you are currently thinking concerning beginning with New Globe, you should still wait a bit. Entirely brand-new web servers will certainly be launched in November and there is a Fresh Begin.

There is also another highlight for returnees and beginners. The level 1 to 25 degree experience has been revised-both visually and also in regard to material. There are fewer monotonous quests and the main story is now told a lot more efficiently and with fewer journeys.

New Globe satisfies the best wish of the players after 14 months, brings new servers with unique guidelines

Exactly how do you like Brimstone Sands? Are you expecting the area and begins as soon as possible or do you wait for currently?

Inner World will be released on October 18, the new Brimstone Sands area (sulfur sand desert). He believes the brand-new area is fantastic, however misses out on the mount. Alex has been playing New Globe because the beta and also has a total amount of over 800 hrs. The area looks fresh, yet also not entirely brand-new or inconsistent in terms of the old globe.

As stunning as the brand-new area is, it arouses me a brand-new dream.