How to play old/past tests in Bitlife

At the numerous requests of the Candy writer community, she finally added a new paid function for access to old tests in Bit life. New Function Testing Storage This is the DLC type, such as the Job Pack, which allows new users to track and play all previous weekly quests in Bit life without any time restrictions. To gain access to the test storage, players must purchase a new added function for $5 through the main menu of the game.

How many tests in Bit life Challenge Vault

Saying There are more than 100 different tests in Bit life Challenge Vault for players. After the purchase, you can access, track and carry out any past tests, such as the Titanic Bit life Challenge or Tight Bit life Challenge, at the same time without any time restrictions.

How to purchase a Bit life Challenge vault in Bit life

To do this, follow these steps.

  • Open Bit life on the relevant platforms and be available on the main menu.
  • Click on the stars in the upper right corner of the main menu.
  • Select any tests in the list, and you will get on the purchase menu.
  • Pay in any way of your choice to purchase the Bit life Challenge storage. The estimated price of the DLC is about $5, but can vary depending on the region.

in Bit life there will be no new challenges?

Candy writer said nothing about the termination of the publication of new tasks. This is a new function that allows new players to experience past weekly tests as a new content. You can expect new Bit life tests every Saturday at 15: 00 on the Eastern Standard Time inside the game.

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