Tao Hyo -ni, Human Jelly, and Hyo -chan's game development solution'Gebal Noms' released

On the 23rd, N Plus unveiled the game development entertainment contents, 'Global Norms: The Games Discovering Games'.

'Embalms' is a customized game consulting content that helps to overcome the difficulties that can be experienced from development and planning to provide practical help to domestic small and medium-sized game companies that are the foundation of the game industry. In addition, it is also the first game development participatory content in Korea to provide support for marketing.

In the first episode, which was released on the 23rd, the famous game streamer human jelly, Ta Young, and Kim Yeo-jin formed the 'JDH Game Research Institute', and the qualifications were released by competing as a game expert. I drew the process of visiting the developer 'Tom Studio'. In the second episode, the company will listen to the developer's grievances and provide solutions that are suitable for the game they are currently developing.

Meanwhile, N Plus will provide a coffee gift card through a lottery among the users who have left a comment event to commemorate the first episode.

Jung Jae-young, director of PLUS, said, We will vividly convey the difficulties and overcoming processes of many small and medium-sized developers, starting with the first episode of today.

'Naval Norms', which will be released every Friday at 4 pm, can be found on the official YouTube channel.