Champions League: THW Kiel collects insolvency in Celje

2.: After the very first assault by the home side ended with an offensive nasty, Cell stops working with the second from the main circle via Basic to MRA.

50.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 30:27 by Patrick Whence .

In order to be able to comply with the Champions League team video game live as well as in complete size today, you require DAZN . The streaming solution shows the game from 6.45 p.m., Michael Born serves as an analyst, Paid Krebs as a specialist.

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58.: Gate for THW Kiel, 37:33 by Karl Wallis. Wallis ´ successful jump toss from half-left 9 meters is just cosmetics of results. .

52.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 33:28 by Patrick Martini. Martini presses right into a main space as well as roars the sphere right into the left Redneck. .

1.: Filip Richey offensive Magnus Landing, Johansson, Arabic, Ranking, Berg and Whence. MRA guards the visitor box.

5.: Yellow card for Stefan Basic (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso).

8.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 4: 4 by Tim Conan... Conan likewise leaves MRA no possibility of defense. .

Before the beginning: The hymn of the competitors seems.

6.: Whence commemorates an offensive foul on the circle. In return, Tiles falls short Trojan freestanding on MRA.

Handball, Champions League: The existing table of team B.

18.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 9: 9 by Magic Suholeznik. The strong circular jogger of the Slovenes makes use of an amazing allusion to Vlad. .

27.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 15:12 by Harald Ranking .

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37.: Argue gets a seven-meter out...

24.: Bile has free rail on the central circle, yet fails to Gabriel.

32.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 20:14 by Gal Argue. .

22.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 12:10 by Ales Vlad. Vlad is increasing the lead of the Slovenes by speed. .

51.: Dame stops working from the left wing to Bellied.

48.: 7-meter declined by Girl Argue (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso)... The previously protected Argue is clear in the center of the guest objective.

42.: Gate for THW Kiel, 25:22 by Patrick Whence. With seven field players, the guests apply their 22nd goal through Whence. .

16.: After a false toss, Cell has the chance to match, however quickly gives the sphere back.

25.: Dame's final thought from the left wing Gabriel steers around the blog post in the long edge.

37.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 23:19 by Patrick Whence .

15.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 7: 8 by Ales Vlad. After an unreliable round game of the visitors, Vlad tosses from his own circle in the empty guest box. .

18.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 8: 9 by Patrick Whence. .

47.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 29:25 by Ante Ivanovich .

33.: The zebras presently have no real cover efficiency and need to beware that the game is not chosen.

47.: Gate for THW Kiel, 29:26 by Patrick Whence .

35.: MRA, the initial parade is successful versus left wing Maze after the break.

26.: The zebras have no remedies in this stage against the lively Slovenes. They are really quick-tempered at the front.

59.: 78 seconds before the end makes Alex Topic use the T3 card.

54.: Gate for THW Kiel, 34:30 by Magnus Landing. Magnus Landing shatters the sphere from the brand name to the best angle after his self-made seven meters. .

12.: Suholeznik compels the next charge toss...

53.: 2 mins for Magic Suholeznik (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso).

13.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 4: 8 by Patrick Whence .

Prior to the beginning: |* Hello and welcome to the Champions Organization group video game in between Cell and the THW Kiel.

Group Final result
Cell 38.
THW Kiel 36.

53.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 34:29 by Ales Vlad .

51.: Cell no much longer succeed as numerous effective trashes from the back area, however many thanks to the enhanced irregularity, numerous trashes from excellent settings still succeed.

14.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 6: 8 by Gal Argue. Argue orders the sphere for the third seven meters and brings it to the ideal corner with a bit of good luck. .

22.: WHENCE selects out the initial 7 meters of the THW...

50.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 30:26 by Made Maze .

1.: Let's go.

60.: Gate for THW Kiel, 38:35 by Karl Wallis .

8.: Suholeznik picks out a first 7 meters against Whence...

12.: Tor for THW Kiel, 4: 7 by Better Other. 8.: ** Suholeznik picks out a very first 7 meters against Whence...

45.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 27:24 by Harald Ranking .

56.: 2 minutes for Patrick Whence (THW Kiel). After Whence's time penalty, the Kiel surcharge is back.

36.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 22:18 by Patrick Whence. .

52.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 32:28 by Nikola Bile .

29.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 17:13 by Ales Vlad. Vlad succeeds in the next successful litter in the empty box of the North Germans. .

49.: 2 minutes for Girl Argue (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso). After the fight for a cost-free ball there is a wrangling between Argue as well as Magnus Landing...

22.: 7-meter declined by Nicolas Berg (THW Kiel)... Berg goes after the ball over the left angle.

19.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 10:10 by Ales Vlad .

46.: Gate for THW Kiel, 28:25 by Patrick Whence. WHENCE stays unstoppable! In the main circle he prevails against two yellow-blue and also promotes the sphere right into the level left corner. .

59.: Gate for THW Kiel, 37:34 by Eric Johansson .

At his 25th Champions League engagement, Kiel is aiming to reach the final 4, which occurs on June 17 and also 18, 2023 in Fragrance. The German champion SC Magdeburg will play his second video game in team A on Thursday (8:45 p.m./ DAZN) versus OK Zagreb.

25.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 14:11 by Ales Vlad. The impressive Vlad lets Wallis out in the facility with a straightforward turning and does not leave MRA from 7 meters. .

49.: 2 minutes for Magnus Landing (THW Kiel)... and also at the end of their time there are time charges against the Slovenes and also against the Danes.

28.: Tor for THW Kiel, 15:13 by Patrick Whence. Kiel lives once more! The Whence, served by Ranking on the half-right circle, places the sphere in the level right corner. .

55.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 36:31 by Magnus Landing. Magnus Landing additionally gets rid of Gabriel from the seven-meter brand name. .

54.: Alex Topic makes use of his second break.

50.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 31:27 by Tim Conan .

Prior to the start: As an umpire, the EHF put the Danes Jesper Sinkhole Madsen and Henrik Mortensen on this video game. The Croatian Vladimir Soon belongs to the organization.

Prior to the beginning: The video game of group B is held in Cell, Slovenia. It starts at 6.45 p.m.

22.: After three goals straight, Filip Richey places the T1 card on the short-term table.

23.: 2 mins for Patrick Martini (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso).

38.: Niklas Landing takes over in the visitor goal.

A week after the sovereign 36:26 against Elverum Handball, the Killers unexpectedly exposed big problems. There was no circulation of the game, ideas and also precision, the protection provided itself hair-raising openings of opening, Cell ran around the solid keeper Gal Gabriel.

55.: 2 mins for Riga Maker (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso).

23: Goal for THW Kiel, 12:11 by Nicolas Berg .

37.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 24:19 by Gal Argue... and also transforms it versus MRA itself. .

55.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 35:30 by Ales Vlad .

48.: Maze chooses a seven meter...

11.: Gate for THW Kiel, 4: 6 by Magnus Landing. The left-winger lifts again and this moment Gabriel conquers in the short corner. .

53.: Gate for THW Kiel, 33:29 by Harald Ranking. After an outbreak of a break out of Richey, Ranking Kiel's little hope of getting a factor. .

44.: Cell currently has to exercise his hits harder; Kiel defends a little more hostile.

6.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 3: 3 by Tim Conan. Conan obtained the equalization after an additional Kiel assault without a degree. .

53.: Filip Richey puts the permit on the temporary table.

30.: Late first fifty percent .

43.: Gate for Gateway Cell Giovanna Lasso, 26:22 by Ante IvankovicStake 31.: Tor for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 18:14 by Ante Ivanovich. 28.: Tor for THW Kiel, 15:13 by Patrick Whence. 12.: ** Suholeznik requires the following charge toss...

17.: Berg locates his master in Gabriel from the extreme right.

17.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 8: 8 by Tiles Trojan. Trojan finds a space on half-left as well as puts the ball worth seeing in the appropriate angle. .

46.: Yellow card for Filip Richey (THW Kiel). As a result of problems after an unpainted impact versus Ranking, Kiel's train accumulates the yellow card.

32.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 20:15 by Nikola Bile. After 3 objectives, the Austrian brakes the Kiel negative run for the time being. .

30.: Gate for THW Kiel, 17:14 by Karl Wallis. The Swedish newbie shivers the round from the central 8 meters into the half-high right edge. .

5.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 2: 3 by Stake Ivanovich .

28.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 16:13 by Stefan Basic .

55.: After Overs foul on VLAD there are 7 meters for Cell...

20.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 11:10 by Tiles Trojan. Cell leads! Trojan ignites the turbo in the back room center, relocates to half-left and completed from eight meters into the half-high left edge. .

** 7.: Gate for THW Kiel, 3: 4 by Patrick Whence.

56.: 7-meter denied by Ales Vlad (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso) MRA parried Vlad's 7 meters with the left upper leg.

32.: Red card for Stefan Basic (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso). Basic caught Johansson with his right clenched fist on his face. After treatment of the Killer, the Slovenian sees the smooth red card.

The encounter came to be heated up in the 2nd fifty percent. Niklas Landing (38th) replaced Tomas MRA in the Kiel Tor, however hardly anything fit in the North Germans. The very best thrower of the guests was Patrick Whence with 10 objectives, for the Slovenes Ales Vlad likewise racked up 10 goals.

60.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 38:34 by Magic Suholeznik. Versus Kiel's open cover, Suholeznik MRA conquers from the half-left circle by develop into the long corner. .

57.: Whatever would certainly have to run for the zebras if it is still to deal with a point win. Nonetheless, Cell does not give the impression of coming to be anxious.

Square Group Sp. S U N Tore Diff. Pts.
1 THW Kiel 1 1 0 0 36: 26 10 2.
2 Coma Industrial Piece 1 1 0 0 40: 33 7 2.
3 FC Barcelona 1 1 0 0 35: 28 7 2.
4 Aalborg Handhold 1 1 0 0 36: 32 4 2.
5 OK Cell Giovanna Lasso 1 0 0 1 32: 36 -4 0.
6 HBC Nantes 1 0 0 1 33: 40 -7 0.
7 SC Pick Sieged 1 0 0 1 28: 35 -7 0.
8 Elverum handball 1 0 0 1 26: 36 -10 0.

55.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 36:30 by Amir Ludovic. .

35.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 21:17 by Eric Johansson. Johansson reduces the space with a humorless distance. .

31.: Welcome back to the 2nd round from the Diorama Platoon! After the sovereign Bundesliga victory in Minded, the zebras showed an extremely adjustable efficiency on both ends of the plate for 20 minutes and after that also minimized once again. Her abilities certainly enough for a resurgence after the modification of sides of this young opponent, but most of all it takes substantially a lot more seriousness in cover.

34.: Gate for THW Kiel, 21:16 by Nikola Bilk .

51.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 32:27 by Tim Conan .

13.: After the next objective over the circle, Alex Topic utilizes the T1 card.

43.: WHENCE is brought down to the seven...

26.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 15:11 by Stefan Basic .

1.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 0: 2 by Eric Johansson .

33.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 21:15 by Tiles Trojan .

41.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 25:21 by Harald Ranking. Ranking scores his fourth goal with his ninth litter from the right backspace. .

21.: Gabriel does well in the 8th parade against Ranking's range.

11.: Reinhold takes off the sphere.

THW Before the start: The OK Cell Giovanna Lasso returned to the EHF Champions Organization recently after one year of abstinence. The 25-time Slovenian champ, that is the national training facility of numerous impressive handball gamers such as today's Kiel Arabic, marketed rather pricey in his opening video game at Aalborg Handhold, but inevitably needed to surrender the Danish rep with 32:36.

45.: Filip Richey takes his second break.

31.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 19:14 by Girl Argue. Argue obtains the very first five-goal lead Cells. .

41.: Niklas Landing succeeds against Vlad's first ball protection.

57.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 37:32 by Tim Conan .

24.: Tor for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 13:11 by Ales Vlad. .

43.: WHENCE is lowered to the seven...

7.: Gate for THW Kiel, 3: 4 by Patrick Whence. .

31.: Tor for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 18:14 by Stake Ivanovich. After a solo via the middle of seven meters, Ivanovich makes sure an effective return of the yellow-blue. .

57.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 36:32 by Nikola Bile .

36.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 22:17 by Riga Maker .

12.: 7-meter declined by Tim Conan (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso)... Conan as soon as beat against MRA and afterwards goes after the ball past the finish. .

20.: The zebras are presently extremely easy and have no access to the opposing back area.

37.: Tor for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 23:18 by Stake Ivanovich .

3.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 1-2 by Tiles Trojan. Trojan brings the OK to the scoreboard as a result of an incorrect toss. .

4.: Gate for THW Kiel, 1: 3 by Eric Johansson. Johansson's following lantern from half-left 8 meters struck in the left angle. .

The German handball record champion THW Kiel accumulated a bitter damper in the 2nd Champions League video game. At the Slovenian champ OK Cell, the group of instructor Filip Richey remarkably shed 36:38 (14:17) and also, after 6 victories, conceded a serious very first defeat after the beginning of the period.

12.: Tor for THW Kiel, 4: 7 by Better Other. .

Handball-Celje vs. THW Kiel: Champions League in the online ticker for analysis.

49.: BYR locates his master in Bellied from the central circle.

39.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 25:19 by Magic Suholeznik. .

Prior to the beginning: The THW Kiel is still at the very start of an exhausting autumn, there are two video games per calendar week on the program up until the international break in mid-October and also the tons remains likewise high. The North Germans took a trip to Slovenia with a perfect document of 5 affordable successes: Along with 4 clear successes in the handball Bundesliga, they started the new royal class on the last Wednesday with a sovereign 36:26 house win against Elverum Handball.

46.: Entrance for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 28:24 by Ales Vlad .

9.: The Kiel attack at the expenditure of an empty objective with seven area gamers.

48.: Prior to the end of the last phase, the THW stays within sight of the Slovenes and also, thanks to solid eleventh hours, has the chance to take both points on their way home.

19.: Gateway for THW Kiel, 9:10 by Harald Ranking .

43.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 26:23 by Magnus Landing .

13.: Tor for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 5: 8 by Ales Vlad. VLAD ends the Slovenian dry spell with an effective distance. .

40.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 25:20 by Magnus Landing .

Before the start: The inlet event has actually just started before a great 3000 viewers.

39.: 7-meter denied by Nicolas Berg (THW Kiel) Berg places the due 7 meters against Bellied on the left inside article.

39.: 2 minutes for Made Maze (OK Cell Giovanna Lasso). Maze prolongs Vienna and bids farewell to the bench for 120 secs.

60.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 38:36 by Eric Johansson .

44.: Gate for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 27:23 by Made Maze .

1 . .

Half-time final thought: The THW Kiel is located at the break of the EHF champs Organization away video game at OK Cell Giovanna Lasso with 14:17. The North Germans caught the far better beginning and were waiting for the very first two objectives within the very first minute. A little later, the preferred managed a 4-0 run (13th) thanks to an extra variable efficiency on the opposing circle.

10.: Entrance for THW Kiel, 4: 5 by Magnus Landing. The north Germans concern their initial exterior hit using Magnus Landing. .

43.: Gateway for OK Cell Giovanna Lasso, 26:22 by Ante Ivanovich. Ivanovich's influence toss from main nine meters strikes in the reduced. .

Handball-Celje vs. THW Kiel: Champions League today on television and Livestream.


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