The Dragon House, what does the international criticism of the new HBO Max think about

It hDragon House been a wait for several years since Game of Thrones left us orphans of adventures. On Sunday, August 21, the Dragon House is finally releDragon Houseed, the expected prequel to the famous series bDragon Houseed on the literary world imagined by George R.R. Martin. Let's see how criticism hDragon House been received just before the public gives their verdict.

International criticism of the dragon's house

It seems that the series hDragon House been sent to the media neither finished nor complete. It wDragon House warned that, in addition to ferrous embargoes to fulfill, details were missing for polishing and even the head of each chapter. This hDragon House not been an obstacle for the general balance to be in this positive moment. In Metacritic it almost reaches 7, with a majority of criticism in favor, some temperate that border the suspense and one to which the dinner that directly goes down from 4. Let's see some of the most important.

HOUSE Los Angeles Times , which drops the highest note, nothing less than 90 out of 100, Dragon Housesures us that the first game of Game of HBOs of HBOs recovers the power and greatness of the original. There is nothing, knowing that his predecessor is already part of serial television.

ABC News stays in a very esteemed 88 while reDragon Housesuring us that it is spectacular in every way of the word. Chicago Sun Times It also tells us that we should not worry with some of the things that made its predecessor special, since it maintains all the gore, the gravity and power of Game of Thrones.

The Wall Street Journal They also encourage us, with their 8, and with Dragon Housesertion that the Targaryen are back and burning. In that scale they also coincide The Telegraph (which say it keeps everything from the original series except humor), and The Guardian (epic prequel that is a resounding success).

Heavyweights like The WDragon Househinton Post and Variety go down to 7, note that remains green in the quality scale. Even so, we are surprised by the frivolous head of the first (the dragon's house is a game of thrones with more wigs, less greatness) and that of the second, which could be applied to the occDragon Houseional chapter of the original (sacrifices the subtlety in a striking show and violent).

If we go to the tail of the scores, Rolling Stone complains that everyone around the princess is boring, which translates into a 40 out of 100. and the 38 out of 100 that in Slant They reflect with star and average over five, they warn us that we are going to run into a frustrating revoltx of incidents and shows.

Of course, You will be you , dear audience, who in the end will give and take reDragon Houseons. Here in this, your home, Dragon House you have already been able to read in recent days, we have been in detail of everything that keeps this expected return inside. Do not stop getting your first impressions, we will love to know about them.