Ska and refreshing! The first god of Saga was an entertainer with a body

Our boss character column that delves into the charm of boss characters that appear in various games. In the 22nd, we will introduce kami (god) of Makai Tower Sa Ga .


Congratulations. You are the first to win this game

Makai Tower Sa Ga released in Game Boy in 1989 is the first in the Saga series Game Boy's first million hit RPG . And the last boss of this work, Kami (God), was a strong entertainer that makes the player laugh by being separated by . **

The stage of the story is a world in which many worlds once created by God are connected in a huge tower. Over the years, monsters have become in the world, and people's lives have become rough.

The reason for the hearts of those people is the legend that there is a wonderful paradise on the tower that towering in the center of the world **. Then, the game begins when the adventurers who breathe when they discover the paradise are traveling to the world spreading in the tower.

The protagonists who perform character making at the start of the game are one of those adventurers (one party). And it was Kami that sometimes appeared in front of the protagonists who continue traveling to paradise, black silk hat and suit .

However, he helped the protagonists to paradise from behind the scenes... and so on. I want to create a hero who defeats evil It was a matching bast that was a difficult match pump that was a degree of match pumps . I only think of life and life death as a game.

The name phrase that remains in the history Kami has fallen apart!

At this point, character as a las boss can be said to be 100 points, such as impressive clothes when hiding the true identity and playing with all kinds of life for selfish reasons. Kami , but the strongest impression of him was Weapons that have the effect of killing the enemy instantly (items used in battle), chainsaw will work. It was that.

The text Kami has fallen apart when he killed him with a chainsaw is so simple that it looks like a gag Although it is also a standard sentence). Chainsaw that can be done with variations may be a kind of adjustment mistake and program mistake, but if you look at the package illustration again, the chainsaw is ** terrible existence. There is something that comes with a feeling of pretending to be a pretend to be giving off a feeling.

In this way, Kami has become a very popular boss, and has appeared in the series all-star game such as Imperial Saga Eclipse and Romancing Sagari Universe . At a collaboration event with this work in Eclipse , human and male characters said, I'll do it again! **.

A few years after the release, the writer who played this work for the first time knew this chainsaw material from the beginning, so I dared to be tied up and challenged with a straightforward method. However, I knew that the status of ** the status, such as the chicken and the bougyo, could only go up to 99 on the display, but the inside rises to 255. I have a memory.

Nevertheless, without such a trick knowledge, I hear that bean is a strong last boss. I would like to rematch with SA / GA COLLECTION someday.


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