How to get and take drugs in Bitlife

If you want to get drugs and use them in Bitlife, you must first create a character and become an adult. Players in Bitlife will become adults when reached 18 years . At the age of 18, most of the actions are opened, including the one that is necessary to obtain drugs. In short, if you want drugs, you need to have night life unlocked, which opens when you are 18 years old. After you are 18 years old, the activity Night Life will appear on the Activity tab in Bitlife.

Nevertheless, create your character, and after 18 years you can get drugs by clicking on night life in Bitlife. But receiving drugs during a trip to the night club through the activities of Nightlife requires some work. This is because it is a random chance to get drugs while going to a night club, since you need someone who will offer them.


Fortunately, you can quickly offer drugs if you continue to go to the night club until an event appears. When an event about drugs appears, you will be offered a random drug or alcohol. Accept any of them if you are trying to get drugs in Bitlife to entertain or to perform certain tasks.

how to dance 15 times in a night club in Bitlife

If you want to dance 15 times in a night club to complete such tasks as Mike-Wizard, this is not difficult. In short, you only need to go to a night club, since each visit is considered dancing in a nightclub. So, if you want to dance 15 times in nightclubs, just go to the night club 15 times, until the target is marked as completed. This is what you could easily strive for, trying to get drugs in Bitlife.

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