Fortnite: Find Purzel trees & saw blatters

There are new tasks to do again in Fortnite. One of them is Purzel trees to be transferred with a saw blade thrower . If you have as many question marks as we had on the forehead when reading the order, you will find out in this guide:

  • Where you can find a saw blade thrower
  • What turf trees are
  • As you recognize it

You want to know what tasks are still waiting for you in Fortnite? Then take a look at our overview with all orders that await you in chapter 3 season 3.

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Where can I find a saw blade thrower in Fortnite?

North of Logjam Lotus on the coast you will find the workshop -we have marked it on the map. In the building, the coveted saw blatters hang all over the wall. Grab one and then go in search of Purzel trees.


What are turf trees?

No, in this case we don't talk about the role on the ground, which one likes to do as a child. In Fortnite, Purzel trees are exactly what the name promises: they are trees that-after you liked them-tumble down the slope. Well, or roll.

How do I recognize Purzel trees & where do I find them?

In the current Fortnite-Season you will find turf trees exclusively on the snow-covered side of the card. If you zoom in far enough into the map, you can even see them. In the following screenshot you can see what this looks like in detail. The circled green stars are the special trees.

They grow all over the lakes and on the hills. Since they loose twice as big as the conventional conifers are, you can hardly miss them. Compared to the other trees, turf trees also have a lighter trunk and become ever white.

How to do the Fortnite order

To complete the task, you have to shoot five turf trees with the saw blade thrower. While conventional trees in Fortnite dissolve into air when you destroy them, the trunks of the turf trees remain on the ground and can be processed **.

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