How to make QTE in The Quarry

The Quarry is an adventure horror, and, as in many adventure games, players can perform Quick Time Events (QTE). QTE is a mechanic when the game requests a certain entry from the player in a short period of time. The Quarry complicates the task without explaining what to do, and using the image confusing.

How to succeed in QTE in The Quarry

QTE is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The game will prepare you, showing you an analog joystick with two circles around it, one small and one big. When it comes to the input request, a larger circle will close with less.

The game will ask you to turn an analog joystick in a certain direction, when a larger circle will enter the smaller. You must move the left analog joystick in the direction given by the game to complete the QTE. This is difficult, because the entrance looks like a round button, not an analog stick.

If Simple QTE is turned on, you can just press any button when the game asks you to move an analog joystick.

All accessibility / cheats in The Quarry

Make the game easier using special opportunities. Someone can call this cheating, but everything that works for you should be in order.

Settings of Coltonism

Two settings are available for color blinds in his career: one for people with Protanopi and one for people with deiterinopi . Protanopi is the inability to perceive red light or color, and deiteranopi is the inability to perceive green light or color.

This is useless to gain advantage in the game. It just facilitates the perception of color to those who find it difficult to see these colors.

Timer of choice


An increase in the selection timer gives the players more time to make difficult decisions when necessary. Although, if you need an unlimited amount of time, just pause the game.

Simple QTE

To keep the player in voltage, QTE request any button at any time. The quarry requests analog movements in a certain direction. Despite the fact that you have time to prepare for QTE, the expectation of indicating the direction may be tense. Turning on simple QTE allows the player to press any button so that QTE ends successfully.

Interruption speed

You have a limited amount of time during which you can interrupt actions, so you can move it from the default value to change it at your discretion.

Puree button

Many of us like to quickly press the buttons, and some older players are actually very good in this, because old games are more complicated, while others are not. When the Button Mash is disconnected, you just need to hold the button displayed on the screen, instead of pressing it quickly.

speed QTE

The goal of Quick Time Event is to react quickly. Many people would prefer not to pay complete attention to cinematic scenes and wait for opportunities for interaction. This is used to slow down or accelerate QTE.

Assisting Help

If you do not like to try to quickly aim in high-pressure situations, you can use help in aiming to do it much easier. This helps you move your goal close to your goal, which is a fair balance.

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