"Rainbow Six Siege" New season "Vector Glare" The motivation and kindness seen in the previous play. Updates for all new / return / heavy users

Ubee Isoft is on May 22, local time on Six Charlotte Major 2022, a world tournament of " Rainbow Six Siege ", "Operation Vector Glare" (hereinafter referred to as the new season of the game. ) The details of) were announced. The "Vector Glare" adds a variety of changes that improve the comfort of gameplay, such as the attacker operator SENS, the Deathmatch map "close combat", a shooting practice area where weapons can be tested, and the comfort of gameplay.

In the meantime, Ubey is the opportunity to play the "Vector Glare" pre -play while keeping implementation on the test server. Let's introduce the first impression after actually touching the new season. Please note that it is assumed that some information is different from when implementing the live server because it includes information on the test server before the public.

New elements of "Vector Glare" (operators, maps, shooting practice areas, operator guides)

New operator " SENS "

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Main weapon: POF9 (new weapon), 417

Sub-Weapon: SDP 9mm, GONNE-6

Main Gadget: R.O.U. Projector system

Subgadget: Hard blurching charge, Clay More

Armor: 3 Speed: 1

The new operator SENS is an attacker operator from Belgian. The main gadgets to be owned are "R.O.U. Projector System" (hereinafter, R.O.U.). The number of holdings is three. With a gadget of a thrown type, roll straight from the ground where you contact the ground, and develop a hologram like a curtain that blocks the field of view in the orbit.

R.O.U. develops a 13m rolling hologram in a straight line. The hologram remains on the spot for 13 seconds and can block the opponent's view. Compared to existing smoked grenades and gas grenades, it has a wide range of visibility and is an unprecedented type of gadget. It will work effectively to assemble entry and set play.

In addition, R.O.U. continues to bounce and develop when collided with the wall. For this reason, it has the characteristics that can be thrown into a gap between the barricades, the drone intrusion (so -called “drone hole”), and the gap between the steel frames. It is a gadget that feels the potential for research to increase its value. For example, as shown in the image below, it is possible to hide all the rays passed from the kitchen side by flowing R.O.U. from the drone invasion of the mountain cottage to the room, and can support entry from the living side.

R.O.U. seems to have a high potential, but of course there is a countermeasure on the defense side. As mentioned above, R.O.U. is a gadget of a thrown type, so it is destroyed when it enters the ADS range of Jäger, and is sucked into Mag-Net in WAMAI (when R.O.U. invades within the Mag-Net range, Mag--. It is sucked by NET and develops again from there). In addition, if you use a bulletproof camera, a glance smart glass in Warden, and Maestro's Eviluai, you can see the other side through the hologram. The reaction of the MUTE signal deskter is a bit special, and the rolling of R.O.U. cannot be stopped, but the hologram is not deployed within the scope of the disrapter, and the curtains are open.

SENS is an operator who is expected to play a role as a supporter because the new weapon, POF-9, is a gadget suitable for set play, because the new weapon, POF-9, has a low DPS as an attacker weapon. it is conceivable that. Like Azami, a defensive operator that appeared last season, it has a gadget that can enhance its value depending on how you use it, so please unlock and study and use it quickly.

In the new season, the E -sports scene of Rainbow Six Siege will make a big change, and the new operator will be available in the professional league immediately after implementation. It is a good idea to see the play of the professional gamers who are the demons of research, and then steal how to use SENS. Examples of the destination destination include the domestic league "RAINBOW SIX JAPAN LEAGUE".

New map for Deathmatch "Near close combat"

In the new season, a Deathmatch -only map, a game mode that appeared last season, will be added. While the conventional "Rainbow Six Siege" map was designed on a set play at the base, the "close combat" is designed in a suitable manner suitable for more moving gunfights. "Siege -like", such as the structure of a multiple stairs connected on multiple stairs, the destroyed floors and walls, are alive, and players who prefer this mode seem to be able to send a more fulfilling deathmatch life.

In addition to the addition of the new map, the Deathmatch map pool will be changed. In addition to the Fabera Villa Theme Park, emeraldplains, coastline, skyscrapers, and close battles will be added.

Shooting training area

It can be said that fans are long -awaited. The shooting training area is added from "Vector Glare". The shooting practice area that can be accessed from a learning area with situations and tutorials is a mode that allows you to try out all operators, including operators that are not unlocked.

You can not only practice recoil control, but also check headlines that support standing/crouching/hidden, and measuring damage to each weapon. I tried to verify the damage of Smoke's shotgun by distance, part, and attachment. With a distance of 10m and a laser site equipment, the expected value of defeating the opponent in one shot is high.

In conjunction with the training grounds and the above -mentioned deathmatch from the beginning of the Rainbow Six Siege, this work will have three different practice modes. Beginners can learn the gunfight of this work by stage, such as shooting a gun at the shooting training area, learning character control at the training area, and experiencing practical shooting in deathmatch. It became so.

Operator Guide

In the context of "Enhancement of content for beginners", the most highlight of "Vector Glare" is the operator guide. Until now, an operator guide that can check how to use the gadgets held by each operator will be added as a new element in the "operator" column in the game, which has been able to set up equipment, appearance settings, and browsing. In the image below, you can see the Operator Guide of the Thermite, and you can see a video that shows the overview of the main gadget heat charge, the number of holdings, and how to use it.

This operator guide can be called even during game play, so it's safe even if you chose it, but what can this operator do? In addition to the main gadget, the operator guide can check how to use the elements that will lead to improvements if you know "Rainbow Six Siege", such as subgets, drones, lapeling, reinforcements, and barricades. I want you to use it.

In addition, various changes also

In addition to the new elements introduced so far, various changes will be implemented in Vector Glare. Here, we will pick up some of them and introduce them.

First, several operators are adjusted. Many adjustments are the return of the sub-weapon that the operator lost during the GONNE-6 implementation, for example, DOKKAEBI can be equipped with C75 AUTO again.

In addition, it is worth noting that the specifications of GLAZ are changed from speed 2 to speed 3, and Bearing 9 has been added to the sub -weapon. For GLAZ, whose mobility and succession ability have been amplified, the mariage with R.O.U., a gadget of the new operator SENS, will be a further tailwind. A good player may have already noticed that the flip site, the main gadget of GLAZ, can see the hologram of R.O.U. With the combination of SENS and GLAZ, the attacker can push unreasonable rays extensively and unilaterally to the defense side. GLAZ, who has been loved but has not been used easily as a somewhat habitual operator, may return to the "Tier 1" operator after a long absence.

In addition, Phase1, a player evaluation system that has been announced before, is implemented. Phase1 has been enhanced by reversal friendly fire (hereinafter referred to as RFF), which suppresses intentional friendly fires, and is warned by friendly fire addicts. If it still does not fit, the user will always be launched for a certain period of RFF.

And although it is not an element that is directly related to play, the story of the Rainbow unit, a special unit that appears in Rainbow Six Siege, has begun to move rapidly since this year.

It was suggested that a Cinematic Trailer, which was initially announced at the start of YEAR7 Season 1, is working as a nightheven to separate HARRY. And this time, "Wolf Guard" seems to have been born as the third power. Members are operators with gadgets that do not have a killing ability such as doc, montagne, Clash, and bandit. Details have not yet been revealed, such as the background of the WOLF GUARD launch and the relationship with the Rainbow unit, but it may be interesting to pay attention to the back story in the future.

Although it is a personal story, I started Rainbow Six Siege in the backbone of longing for special units and moderately speaking unique members. I am very looking forward to what kind of story will be spun in the future.

Finally, a Squad Up Reactivation Program will be provided as an incentive for returning users. After entering YEAR7, you can collect four users who have not played "Rainbow Six Siege" and play 5 games at 5 people. Various rewards seem to be prepared, including the unlock rights of YEAR4 and his 5 additional operators. Why don't you talk to old friends with the Squad Up Reactivation Program?

In a end

This is the outline of the new season, "Vector Glare", although it is a rush. In addition to the addition of strong new operators that are worthwhile to research, we also develop game environments such as shooting training areas and operator guides. "Vector Glare" is likely to be an update that symbolizes Rainbow Six Siege, which is still going to evolve and continue to grow in the seventh year. Whether you haven't done it yet or haven't done it for a while, please take this opportunity to jump into the world of Tactical FPS, a tactical FPS, and the Rainbow Six Siege.

"Rainbow Six Siege" is on sale for PC/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One. It also supports Xbox/PC Game Pass. YEAR7 Season 2 "Vector Glare" will be implemented on May 23 and will be implementing a live server on June 7.