Nightingale: the survival game spent at Tencent is going up

Announced last December at the Game Awards, Nightingale already experienced a nice adventure at the start of the year, when the Studio Information Games changed owners to bounce back from Tencent.

Founded by Aaryn Flynn, veteran of Bioware, Inflection Games is going up today its very first game, upstream of the beta (first closed, then opened) which will take place this summer. Survival and exploration game, playable solo or in cooperation, Nightingale stages realmwalkers, in other words adventurers capable of traveling in different worlds by borrowing portals, once certain conditions. These kingdoms are home to mythological enemies but also NPCs which are already rushing to pass some quests to rely, just to make us win resources. Among these characters are even some celebrities, such as Marie Curie.

Nightingale Reveal 4K Trailer | The Game Awards 2021

Thanks to teamwork, players will be able to make themselves comfortable by building colonies and grow further the exploration of the kingdoms. Inflection Games plans to feed the game regularly with seasonal content and, without much surprise, it is in early access that Nightingale will make its debut at the end of 2022 on PC. In the meantime, these images give an idea of the type of landscapes, creatures and tools that await us with this new challenger of the survival game.


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