How to adopt pets in Bitlife

To adopt pets in Bitlife, you must switch to animal shelter . You can find a shelter for animals by clicking on pets tab under Activities . In an animal shelter, you can take any animal from the list of potential pets. Choose any animal you like, then click take them take a pet.

This will require a small amount of money, so make sure that you have enough money before trying to adopt a pet. The price will vary, but never passes by 160 dollars . In addition to the basic price for adoption, you will have monthly expenses. The monthly consumption is the amount that you must pay for animal food and other zotovars , similar to real life. Therefore, we recommend getting a job before starting a pet so that you can afford to take care of it.

How many pets can you have in Bitlife?

How many pets can you have in Bitlife depends on whether you have bitizen . Players with Bitizen can buy any pet if they have a fairly large property with enough rooms. Non-bitizen players can have up to four pets in Bitlife and can only take them from animal shelters in the game.

how to shelter cats in Bitlife

To take cats in Bitlife, you will need to visit animal shelters. In an animal shelter, find a cat from an animal list. When you find a cat, click it, then click "accept them." Before you get a pet, make sure that there is enough space in his house, otherwise you will not be able to get your pet.

how to shelter dogs in Bitlife

ADOPTING 1 OF EVERY PET BitLife If you want to adopt dogs in Bitlife, you will need to perform the same actions as with cats. Visit an animal shelter and find your favorite dog from an animal list. Click on the dog, then click "accept them."

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