Will GTA 6 a graphics miracle? Insider gives first hint

Even if official details are still in short supply, a GTA-6-Leak is currently chasing the next. A rockstar insider has now betrayed the first detail to the engine, which is to be used in the new Open World Hit - and this info is likely to be happy.

GTA-6 engine should be ahead of your time

Since Rockstar has announced that a new GTA part is in development, rumors to GTA 6 are formally literally. So there was recently new information about two of the game characters, a Mega-Leak seemed to reveal a large part of the upcoming gameplay innovations and according to the current information, there should be a great announcement at the end of 2022.

Now apparently another detail was revealed on Twitter - by the well-known Rockstar insider Chris' Klipple:

"Obviously the new version of the graphic engine of Rockstar Games (Rage9), which is used for GTA 6, will be quite incredible. I was able to receive some very positive feedback, we should really not be disappointed in this regard. We are talking about an engine that is far ahead of their time. "

Where the Rockstar insider has this information, he leaves open. Also, the specification that the new GTA engine is ahead of your time, quite vague sounds - more details, for example for the split resolution for the Next-Gen consoles or special features, does not reveal clipel. However, in another comment he mentions that it is Rockstars declared goal, with the new RAGE-9 engine itself to exceed the Unreal Engine 5 .

gets GTA 6 a real video?

????Asi SERA el PROTAGONISTA de GTA 6! Nueva INFORMACION????MOTOR GRAFICO, FECHA Y MAS Characteristic details about the graphic quality of the next rockstar hits is currently not yet available, but it is to be assumed that the studio will definitely bring the consoles to the release of GTA 6 to its limits again **. Already GTA 5 belonged to the most technically impressive games for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The look of Red Dead Redemption 2 then caused 5 years later with the fans again for great eyes.

_The GTA games are damn good, but they are perfect for a long time. On these set screws, Rockstar should definitely turn the GTA 6 again: _

That GTA 6 will continue this trend, so no one should surprise any1. However, it remains to be seen whether Rockstar focuses on graphical opulence or performance at the next part - or may even decide for a middle ground. We will keep you up to date.