When will Kingdom Hearts come out: Missing Link?

We gotta Talk about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link.. Square Enix and Disney recently announced that the new mobile game Kingdom Hearts will soon appear: Missing Link, role-playing game in the action genre, and fans do not wait to learn everything about her. Players look forward to the opportunity to explore legendary worlds, such as Scala AD Caelum, and ask the question when the game came out.

Closed beta For Kingdom of Hearts: The missing link It is planned to arrive at iOS and Android in 2022 . Square Equance official blog emphasizes that the game will be limited to certain regions during closed beta testing. Although the official release date is not yet announced, fans should follow the social networks of Kingdom Hearts to keep abreast of the latest updates.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link promises to use a unique GPS format, which, according to fans, will be similar to the system of augmented reality Pokemon GO. It will be interesting to see how the franchise cult worlds will be depicted in a real environment.

The game will also be an original storyline that will be consonant with the events of Kingdom Hearts IV. Players will participate in rapid exciting battles against heartless, alone or with friends in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link.

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