What is Quadratum in Kingdom Hearts?

By the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Square Enix struck fans with a trailer for several different Kingdom Hearts projects, including Kingdom Hearts 4. It is noteworthy that Sora appears in Quadratum and fights with titanic heartless in the middle of a noisy city. So what is QUADRATUM?

How Kingdom Hearts Worlds Can Work in Quadratum! | Kingdom Hearts 4

Quadratum was presented at Kingdom Hearts 3 and also known as Shibuya. Ansese wise describes the World of Quadratum as unlike any other in the Kingdom Hearts universe, since it is not the world of light or darkness, but the world of fiction that exists on the other side. "

History and knowledge surrounding Kingdom Hearts is enough to exist even the most devoted fan. Long and short This is what Quadratum is based on the real world, our world. In addition to Kingdom Hearts 3, he also mentioned in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory as a place that Rica dreams, and in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance as a place where the Sakuraba, Joshua, Diskeneg Beatu, Paraim and Shiki come from. from. This is an important world that seems to finally receive tribute.

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