The new event of Unreal Engine is announced, exciting news subject to teasing

Epic Games announced plans for a presentation of Unreal Engine that will take place on April 5 at 11 a.m. m. EDT Nicknamed the "unreal status", this live broadcast event will have a series of different outstanding speakers, including Tim Sweeney of Epic, and will last a couple of hours on Tuesday. A short agenda was shared to show what it will be discussed, and although no details were given for each topic that will be spoken, Epic was mocked of «Some very special news of Unreal Engine» that could bring new information about unreal engine 5

The news about the latest version of Unreal Engine of Epic seem a bet sufficiently safe about the expectations for the event, but EPIC only mentioned Unreal Engine 5 once in his ad position when talking about a Matrix presentation. No specific games were mentioned, but EPIC said in general terms that will speak about "the future of the Games".

«Join us on April 5 for our live broadcast of State of Unreal, where we will explore what is reserved for the future of the games and we will announce some exciting news," Epic said about his plans for transmission.

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5 While this event is not marketed as one that will capture such a broad interest as an STATE OF PLAY or a Nintendo Direct, it will be the key note that people will want to tune if they want to see what "exciting news" is there. It is sharing the opening speech will start the program with Sweeney and others speaking during that segment that lasts an hour and a half where we will listen to «Some very special news of Unreal Engine».

If you like the The Matrix series, you can stay for more information about how Unreal Engine was used in _Matrix wake up just after the opening speech.

"Discover how EPIC's special project team took advantage of EU5 to create the environment in _Matrix awakening," said a description of this segment. "We will cover our modular procedure approach for the creation of buildings; Open World Workflows (a file per actor, data layers, HLOD, creation of level instances); Breakdown of Lookdev of materials and textured; and updates on improvements to Lumen, our global lighting and reflex system ».

Unreal Engine 5 is already being used in several different games according to previous ads. _Fortnite_chambed to Unreal Engine 5 With the launch of Chapter 3, for example, and the new Witcher game is also using that engine.