Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece In Test: On Switch a disappointment

In this test, it is intended primarily to implement the Kingdom-Hearts games on Nintendo Switch. For a summary of all content, even the place on the Internet would not be enough. Therefore, only the coarse corner points: The (main) games of the series are action-rpgs where Hero Sora meets all sorts of disney heroes and characters from known square-enix rows. The different worlds are thematically based on the respective brands (about curse of the Caribbean, Rapunzel, Final Fantasy and so on), but the story behind it is not found in any comic or animation film, it was written specially for the games - also diving figures, which were only for the Action RPGs.

The games skillfully combine the universes of Disney and Square Enix, tell a complex, touching story and wait with fun gameplay. No wonder so that not only a part of the huge fan community and gamers generally wish to have long been that the KH series is finally offered fully on the switch. Now it's time, but as we have learned from numerous fairy tales, you should be very careful in the desired formulation. Because instead of experiencing portals on Nintendo's hardware, interested parties merely come into the "enjoyment" of Cloud implementations of the series.

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  1. 1 a word salad, please
  2. 2 of the king new clothes

BEWARE! THEY MESSED UP Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch... (Kingdom Hearts 3 Switch Gameplay) And that's not meant the Final Fantasy hero of the same name, but the technology where games are streamed directly on the hardware of the buyer. No download needed - but it needs a permanent, reasonably fast and stable internet connection to gamble the adventures. That hardly has, but numerous disadvantages.

A word salad, please

In the Integrum Masterpiece Collection as a whole, almost everything is in it, which has the cult series Kingdom Hearts to offer, these are hundreds of hours entertainment. However, not everything is playable. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, formerly DS and mobile adventures, consist only of intermediate sequences in one piece.

And that Kingdom Hearts exists only as a cloud collection on the Switch, should also be related to the goal of saving trouble. In purely technical, proper ports should not be a problem for the hardware, Kingdom Hearts 3 would have likely to be visually closed, but in a world in which The Witcher 3 is running on the switch, that's not an impossibility.

of the king new clothes

The cloud versions of the Kingdom Hearts Games suffer from all the blinds that CLOUD implementations have accompanied on the switch since their birth. We are sorry, but you have to enumerate: It consists of input delay, the graphic is poorly dissolved, the sound sometimes asynchronously, if you lose the connection to the internet or put the console aside aside, it flies out of the game.

We also have to say: A short change to the console menu does not throw you out of the action and queues did not meet us. In addition, we had times when neither was nor a blurred image. But if many players at the same time start Sora's adventure, the servers come to their limits and it comes to a massive downgrade.

The games are great, but the form of the performance so maximum customer-friendly that a better rating is unfortunately except question. How beautiful it could have been: the mega package Kingdom Hearts, a series, predestined for a switch implementation, finally as a wunchlos-happy collection for Nintendo fans. But reality looks different.

My opinion

Vonkatharina Pache Editorial manager [email protected]

Too bad: The extremely popular series would have earned a better implementation.

Gambling over the cloud is often a single agony on the switch. Even at Hitman 3, which in my case still delivered the best performance, I would immediately recommend to buy and play any other version if possible. Kingdom Hearts runs better as Guardians of the Galaxy under the same conditions. Nevertheless, it annoys to reckon again and again with jerking and ugly artifacts, that's just no relaxed play. So, and I still have a chicken to pluck with the people who are responsible for the titles of the games. What the hell? Luke as a large series fan tried in vain to explain why the games and spin-offs and remakes wear so incredibly stupid names. As a fan, maybe you look through, but this collection should address interested parties who have not studied a half-semester Kingdom-Heartology? And what is actually an integrity?

Kingdom Hearts Integrum Collection has been available for the Nintendo Switch since February 10, 2022. For PlayStation and Xbox there are very similar collections, but among other names. There you are thankfully but do not depend on cloud versions of the games, so rather reach there for choice. To home page to the gallery