VBL-CC champion 'Niklugi': at offline

The Corona Pandemic made a lot of frustration in the German FIFA Esport of the past two years. Offline events without viewers and without personal encounters of the esportists are just half as beautiful.

This also feels the reigning VBL Club Championship winner 'Niklugi' so. In conversation with Niklugi Esport, he announces at the Grand Final to be \ - if only as emotional support: "I have a long time, but I will be at the start in Cologne. My father will accompany me because I'm not yet Can make so much al1. Then the boys can focus on themselves and I'm cheering on. "

'Niklugi' in Cologne only as a viewer with the game

A thread tissue will definitely have the event for 'Niklugi'. Because the FIFA streamer misses "the highlight of the season" as he says, due to injury. In February he had a heavy car accident, but is on the way of recovery.

The broken arm makes him a dash by the invoice at the upcoming finals: "With the plaster you can stop no FIFA, at least not competitive."

Nevertheless, the anticipation of the two-day tournament is to be fooled: "There is no better FIFA title to win in Germany. And I also know a lot of people and I'm just looking forward to seeing."

Similar to many of his colleagues, 'Niklugi' also estimates the team of RB Leipzig thanks to the strong cast as favored: "Umut (Gültekin, Anm d. Red.) is outstanding in the 90s mode. Under different (vejrgang, Anm. d. Red.) Can I not say what role he will play. But those have three outstanding players, that has no other team. "

Offline Event offers potential for surprises

VBL Club Championship by bevestor - Playoffs Tag 1 However, the title does not have a safe in his pocket. The offline event, namely, bring a greater tension with it as many things online-duel: "For some players, it's your first offline tournament at all, I'm curious how to handle it. Maybe more experienced players have an advantage. "

Hansa Rostock is a large wound bag for Luginsland and at the same time offers the greatest surprise potential: "They have players - for that is their first big FIFA tournament ever. Although they have shown enormously good performances during the season, you have to First see how they perform offline. "

As an outsider he sees the young newbies from Rostock but by no means: "If you can retrieve what they have already shown, then the everyone can beat."

Maybe Rostock yes for a fairy tale like last season of the 1st FC Heidenheim and wins the title, although the team was not at the top of the Favorites list before the start of the Grand Final. Whatever may come, for 'Niklugi' this year's tournament is such a one of the greatest events of the year: "Everyone I talked to, is looking forward to it. Of course, you want people with whom you train so often, then also get to know in person. On top of that this year is still the new prize money. That's very important in my opinion. It will definitely be cool. "

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