The development of Bayonetta 3 is still well

Just as he did last year, Hideki Kamiya of Platinumgames spoke to the Bayonetta community with a short and sweet statement to start 2021 with a good foot. Like last year, Kamiya stated that development continued smoothly, suggesting that the development team was less affected by COVID-19 changes as the other development studios. Bayonetta is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

"Many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 because there has been no new information since his initial announcement," Hideki Kamiya said at a recent discussion with Famitsu in Japan. "But the verification of the new systems has been a success and development progresses smoothly, so do not worry."

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Hideki Kamiya also gave Famitsu an update on the GG project saying: "The GG project has finally started progressing, so wait for impatience," said Kamiya to Famitsu. "Efforts for in-house intellectual property have begun to take shape little by little. As always, we believe in our uniqueness and want to move forward in the new year. »

When Hideki Kamiya made his statement on the development of Bayonetta 3 in 2020, he said, "The development of Bayonetta 3 unfolds smoothly. In fact, there is a lot of hidden information in the Teaser announcement in 2017. "Although Kamiya has not been updated on when fans of the Bayonetta franchise can expect the third album He did not mention the 2017 teaser, suggesting that the fans finally discovered all his mysteries.

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