Lost Ark: DEV update to problems (crystalline aura, maintenance times, Nerfs)

The queues for Lost Ark are successively shorten, yet more than 800,000 players are still in the evening in Arkesia (source), and then there was a view on 2 March 2022 the upcoming March update , the Among other things, the Kadan story and the Abbound Raid Argos should bring. So all good in Lost Ark? Nope! There is still a whole range of challenges that hold the responsible persons at Publisher Amazon Games and Developer Smilegate on trot.

Developer update delivers status quo

Which construction sites that are in detail and what problems could be solved, this reveals the freshly published developer post on the official website of Lost Ark. Below we have summarized you the most important.

  • The problem with the vanishing crystalline aura could be fixed. After maintenance or charging screens, it may take part for a moment until the crystalline aura (or shop items) are displayed correctly.
  • Who in the region of Europe West was able to secure the Daily Reward active time for the crystalline aur a, is not locked, but the developers will back this "reward" from fairness reasons. In March, there will be an additional event for daily registration exclusively for players in Europe West.
  • Despite some optimizations, the group search continues to run around. The team works on a long-term improvement and the top priority. Currently, tests are running for a possible solution. The developers want to provide an update here as soon as possible.
  • After the announcement of attenuations of some endgame content , the feedback fell very mixed. The developers then once again point that these changes are based on data and statistics, which clearly show that some RAIDS and Dungeons are successfully completed from less than ten percent of the players. However, these changes can not be concluded that Animal 3 contents such as Legion RAIDs are also attenuated. On the contrary, the devs are aware of how important these difficult challenges are for the charm of Lost Ark. Dramatic changes are therefore not planned.

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by goldsellers and maintenance times

  • Thanks to the previous tools and reporting options, gold sellers do not stay on average 10 minutes in the game before they are banned. Nevertheless, the developers continue to work to improve the chat filter and anti-cheat and anti-spam tools. For this purpose, there will be no one, so that the goldseller and bot users have actually have something made of the surprises made.
  • The developers know, of course, that the maintenance partly at unfavorable times. In the launch period, however, the focus was on bringing solutions as soon as possible on the servers. Future maintenance should be carried out "in a foreseeable and pleasant rhythm".

  • Around the shop many problems could be solved, but there is still air upwards. The developers stay here on the ball. "In the meantime, players who are missing" missing "can get them faster by logging out on the main times on their respective server." _

  • The developers then show again that there are no ways to add more servers in the Central Europe region or increase server capacities. Anyone who is changing for a change to the Europe West region gets a second set of already claimed Twitch Drops (including Arkesia paper hat chest, Helgaia companion chest, curiosity gold riding and sapphia companion).

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