Dark Souls, Skyrim, Zelda: 8 end bosses that were too easy for you too

A good end opponent should challenge you mercilessly and put all your skills on the test. In some games, however, the threat past the boss already after a few seconds. We show you here 8 end bosses, which were too easy for you.

Exciting finale? Missing!

The final boss fight demands from you in the best case again everything that you learned about your entire adventure. Only with effort and need do you manage to claim you against your adversaries and finally bring him to an exciting exchange of beating.

How Many Dark Souls Bosses Do You REALLY Need to Kill?

However, there are some games that absolutely do not get on the chains. Instead, the final confrontation with the antagonists is over within a very short time, so that you almost ask yourself as a player: _ "How now?! That's it?"_

We asked you on Facebook, Which end opponents were too easy for your opinion - these are the 8 bosses that most of you expect much more:

Which bosses are missing in our list? Or can you find that some of them were even wrongly stamped too easily? Write us in the comments on Facebook!