Activision Blizzard will pay $ 18 MDD by a demand for sexual abuse

Over the past few years, Activision Blizzard has faced various demands related to abuse and inappropriate behavior in the work area. Now, it has been revealed that one of these legal cases is about to come to an end, and the videogame company will have to pay $ 18 million, with the aim of finishing only one of the as many accusations against him.

According to The Washington Post, Dale Fischer, Federal District Judge, is "prepared to approve" an agreement of $ 18 million between Activision Blizzard and the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC for its acronym in English) United States. Once this process is finished, Activision has agreed to create a fund with the previously mentioned money, to compensate eligible claimants, continue to improve policies, practices and training to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and hire a consultant for equal opportunities for external employment approved by the EEOC.

This was what Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard said, in this regard:

"The agreement that we reached with the EEOC last year reflected our unwavering commitment to guarantee a safe and equitable work environment for all employees. Our goal is to make Activision Blizzard a model for the industry and we will continue to focus on eliminating harassment and discrimination against our workplace. The approval of this agreement by the Tribunal is an important step to ensure that our employees have resource mechanisms if they suffered some type of harassment or retaliation. "

This is not the only demand of this type against Activision Blizzard. The Department of Housing and Fair Employment of California (DFEH for its acronym in English), has been investigating the company since 2018 by cases of sexual abuse . Along with this, there are several scandals and chaos of inappropriate behavior that emerged last year, and do not have to forget the family that is demanding the company for the suicide of an employee in 2017.

On related topics, you can learn more about the demands against Activision Blizzard here. Similarly, the company has also suspended the sale of its games in Russia.

Editor's note:

Activision Blizzard settles harassment suit for pocket change I hope this new fund that will create Activision Blizzard has a positive result. Changing a company is not done overnight, but years of commitment and tactics are needed that are focused on amending the past.